Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Next Saturday at 4am

Following up on the IGPX promo I did last weekend, and guessing that the Toonami staff would be doing an FLCL promo (or a line-up promo, but as of...

Samurai Jack Fanmade Tribute

All of us love Samurai Jack here at the site so when this fanmade animated short came up, we had to share it. What do you guys think of...

Character Profile: Monkey D. Luffy

Here is our newest character profile for Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. Comment below and let us know what you think of this character profile.

Fan Made Character Profile: #SamuraiJack

Here is our fan made promo of Samurai Jack. This time, Kevin Williams (@AwestruckVox on Twitter) help us on the editing and Toonami graphics. What do you guys think?...

Live Action Recreation of Ghost In The Shell’s Opening Sequence (1995 film)

This was too beautiful to not share, but the content is slightly NSFW so approach with caution. Ash Throp leads a team of incredibly talented artists recreating the opening sequence...

Toonami 2013 Music Video – Beyond the Darkness

Hey everyone looks like another fan video, its pretty sweet. It was sent to us by @phantomtrumpet Let us know what you think In the comments

Character Profile: Naruto

Yes folks. Here is our new fan made character for Naruto. What do you guys think? Comment below and hopefully you like it.