Toonami Panel Recap: LIVE from Momocon

Toonami once again returned to Momocon for a panel LIVE on their stream. We were not there this year, but still watched to bring you guys any news. Here's...

Toonami 20th Anniversary Music Video – Exquisite Corpse

For Toonami's 20th Anniversary, a music video was created to celebrate 20 years of the block. Many animators came together to animate this music video which was done by...

“They Call Me Jack”: A Quick and Close Look into Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack has been one of the few action cartoons that has been within the viewing circles since its creation back in 2001. It’s appeal and fan base has...

Toonami Music Video: Run the Jewels – Panther Like a Panther

As part of Run the Jewels night, Toonami did a music video using the track Panther Like A Panther. Also, Toonami editor SARA did this video. What do you...

Could It Air on Toonami?: Summer 2017 Simulcasts

This summer season was rather bare when it came to anime premieres. Personally, I found the best shows of the 2017 Summer season to be those that had another...

Toonami Related Panels to Check Out at AX 2017

Headed to Anime Expo this year? These are some of the panels to check out and watch for regarding potential news for Toonami and its shows.

Toonami Faithful Review: One Piece Film Gold

Written By: Andrew "Sketch" Hingson One Piece continues to print money in Japan, so it is no surprise to see the Straw Hat crew back on the big screen overseas...