Batman's face when he found out he airs 30 minutes earlier on Toonami schedule

If one new show wasn’t enough, then Toonami has another one for you. Beware The Batman is coming to Toonami starting May 10 at 3 AM. Now while some may say “WHY” we need to yet again explain that this is one of the few American action cartoons out there and it seems that while they still have the rights, Toonami snatched them up for Cartoon Network to play the series. Remember folks: Toonami is an action cartoon block and as such a show like this belongs on Toonami. Right now, we are only speculating as how Toonami got this series, but as more details emerge we will bring them to you.

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UPDATE: Here is what Jason Demarco said on his twitter page about Beware The Batman:

#Toonami fans- yes we are showing Beware The Batman, and yes we will be airing ALL of the episodes, including the ones that did not air!

— LICH KING DEMARCO (@Clarknova1) April 16, 2014