The broadcast dub for Attack on Titan season 2 is mere days away from premiering on Toonami, and Funimation has just released the cast list for the upcoming season.

Many of the show’s original cast will return for Season 2, including Bryce Papenbrook as Eren, Trina Nishimura as Mikasa, Josh Grelle as Armin, and Matthew Mercer as Levi. Several new cast members will also join the show, including Jason Charles Miller voicing Gelgar, Felecia Angelle as Lynne, and Marcus D. Stimac as Tomas. Mike McFarland will return as the show’s ADR director as well as reprising his role as Jean.

The full cast listing can be seen below:

Returning Cast from Season 1
Eren Bryce Papenbrook
Armin Josh Grelle
Mikasa Trina Nishimura
Levi Matthew Mercer
Sasha Ashly Burch
Conny Clifford Chapin
Christa Bryn Apprill
Erwin J Michael Tatum
Hange Jessica Calvello
Miche Jason Douglas
Moblit Jerry Jewell
Ymir Elizabeth Maxwell
Hannes David Wald
Reiner Robert McCollum
Bertholdt David Matranga
Jean Mike McFarland
Nanaba Lydia Mackay
Nick Francis Henry
Pyxis R Bruce Elliott
Carla Jessica Cavanagh
Marlo Todd Haberkorn
Hitch Brittney Karbowski
New Characters introduced in Season 2 (as of Episode 26)
Gelgar Jason Charles Miller
Lynne Felecia Angelle
Tomas Marcus D. Stimac
ADR Crew
ADR Director Mike McFarland
ADR Engineer Brandon Peters
Assistant ADR Engineer Xavier Earl
Assistant ADR Engineer Goeff Bisente


Attack on Titan will premiere on Toonami this Saturday, April 22 at 12:30 am Eastern. Bryce, Trina, and several other members of the cast plan on livetweeting the show along with the Toonami Faithful during the East Coast airing, so make sure to follow them on Twitter if you haven’t already. And for those that miss the broadcast, Funimation will also be putting up the new episodes weekly on the FunimationNow service the following day at 10:00 pm Eastern.

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