Written By: Darrell Maddox

If you remember Genesis of Aquarion, the first series in the Aquarion Saga, then you know 12,000 years in the past mankind fought against mythical creatures known as Shadow Angels, but one of their own Apollonius fell in love with a human female warrior by the name of Seliane and he joins forces with the humans to help them fight against the immortal Shadow Angels by using the legendary fighting robot Aquarion. Mankind eventually manages to defeat their foes and for another 12,000 years humanity is safe. This, however, does not last as the Great Catastrophe occurs where Shadow Angels are once again attacking human cities and harvesting them for their prana (life force). Regular human weapons are ineffective against the Cherubim which leads to an expedition under the command of Gen Fudou to find and excavate Aquarion. After finding Aquarion, DEAVA (Division of Earth Vitalization) utilizes this technology with humans with special powers known as Elements. They are able to pilot the vectors which form Aquarion. Genesis of Aquarion the series is centered around Apollo and Silvia de Alisia the main protagonist of this series who are reincarnations of Apollonius and Seliane.

Ok now we skip forward and another 12,000 years have passed from the events of Aquarion Genesis which correlates with the reincarnation cycle of Apollonius and Seliane. Mankind is now living on a planet named Vega and is threatened by a new foe from the planet Altair whose female population was completely wiped out by an unknown virus known as the Curse of Eve. The Alteans are using “Abductors” to kidnap females from planet Vega in the same way the Shadow Angels used Cherubim to harvest humans for their prana 12,000 years before. In order to defend against this, Neo-DEAVA is created and unlike the old DEAVA which allowed co-ed teams in the new structure, there are two teams: One composed of males only and the second team being comprised of females.

The main protagonist Amata Sora voiced by Christopher Bevins and Mikono Mizushiro voiced by Brina Palencia were also the voices of Apollo and Silvia in the first series of Aquarion. Amata Sora has the Element power of Anti-Gravity but he never learned to control his abilities and they tend to activate when he gets excited or scared which is the reason why he wears weights in his boots just in case his power activates unintentionally. Basically, he hid his abilities because he was shunned and considered a freak when he was younger. Mikono Mizushiro is believed to not have any Element powers in her family since she comes from a long line of Element users, but it is later revealed her ability is Power to Connect which links the minds and feelings of others. But thanks to Amata and Mikono, the power of female and male pilots working together actually showed that the power of the vectors could form the legendary robot Aquarion which turns the tide of battle in the series.

Unlike most giant robot series and anime where there is just one theme mainly love that can sometimes be played out in romance comedy, Aquarion Evol actually focuses on character development though the prominent theme of love, but thanks to Neo-DEAVA forbidding the pilots to fall in love with their female counterparts, it allows for real development among the characters relationships which includes infatuation, teenage romance and love, even the Altair spies have issues with love and coming to terms with their own feelings. Also, three of the characters Amata, Mikono and Mix have a strained relationship with their parents as well so there are a lot of complex emotions in this series. Though just like the first Aquarion the story and plot contains a lot of depth and does not follow the common cliché’ of the hero having it easy and winning with no struggle. Aquarion Evol relates to the human element in all of us and how we manage to overcome our own faults and issues. This series is worth viewing and you should watch the Genesis of Aquarion to get the full understanding of the series entirely though it is not necessary. We at Geek-E Inc. give Aquarion Evol a solid 9 out of 10. Seriously go watch this now!