This artist is near and dear to me based on the fact that I have had a chance to watch this artist mature and evolve into his present state. SkyBlew, how can I best describe the journey? From a young man who had the skills of a promising MC, I knew he was something special because of his delivery on the mic and then when working with him on a few projects for Geek E. It solidified that theory about the greatness of this artist. From listening to songs like Flowers, Nefelibata, Game Over, and Shawty Want a Nerd, I was hooked on SkyBlew’s music.

He brings a soulful sound to his music that is unique to him. Whether it has a jazzy hook, bluesy undertones or a rocking bass with 808s, the kid really has come into his own and has a unique sound that I like to call the Skyblew experience. Though dealing with the weight of the world, our young warrior had to take a step back and reevaluate what was important to him musically and figure out what moves to make next, with the support of real fans who believe in the brand that is Skyblew. He eventually came back as a wiser and more mature warrior who rocks the mic with passion and gusto of a seasoned veteran in the likes of Megaran, Richie Branson and Kadeshflow.

When listening to Destined: The Rebirth, you can tell how much Skyblew poured his soul into the music and how his sound has matured into something that I feel is transcendent since his last album the Digi Destined. Sometimes you come across artist who can just put you in the zone and have you feeling nothing but positive vibes. SkyBlew is able to translate that in his music. No matter how many times I hear his music he continues to evolve and add a new element into his repertoire that continues to validate that his music can rival even the best mainstream artist. In my honest opinion, SkyBlew has them beat by light years not only in the delivery of his lyrics, but musicianship as well. It is smooth and refined like a glass of Macallan 18 that is meant to be sipped and savored until the last drop.

I enjoyed the whole album of Destined: The Rebirth. If I had to pick a favorite track, I would say You Beat Me To It and Classy Voyagers tied for first, but coming in second is My Dream DeLight. This was a great collaboration with Sublime Cloud in this EP. There was something so inspiring about those two tracks. It was like my boy SkyBlew found a way to project the love he has for his fans in a sonic letter to show his appreciation for the fans who continued to ride for him even in his absence. On behalf of all the SkyBlew fans, I have to say thank you which is why I give Destined: The Rebirth a resounding 10 out of 10 for Geek-E and it deserves 5 mics because I consider it to be a Nerdcore hip hop classic. Keep shining Sky and everyone seriously support this album and buy it.

You can hear and purchase the EP using the player below. Be sure to also follow SkyBlew on Twitter @HeySkyBlew and on Facebook by clicking here. Let us know what you think by commenting below.

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