sailor moonn


As many of you know, Toonami classic Sailor Moon is getting a big relaunch in the United States this year with not only a new series launching in Japan and coming to America subtitled, but the classic anime is coming back for the first time in years and being redubed and also being released on Blu-Ray for the first time! This is a dream come true for many fans due to even the idea of this being impossible for many years due to behind the scene troubles.  With all of that said, Viz Media made more announcements about the series including the cast, the release date for the first DVD-Blu-Ray boxset and more!


The first big announcement was the cast announcement, which you can see above! Congrats to all of the cast members involved!(Thanks to Anime News Network for providing the cast information as soon as it was announced)


The second announcement was related to the Blu-Ray and DVD releases! The first DVD-Blu-Ray set will arrive November 11th as a special edition with the first 23 episodes and tons of special features! You can preorder the set right here!


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