In 2015, Toonami will once again be making schedule changes at the start like last year, but with no new additions to the block. So what are the changes? Well..

  • Deadman Wonderland is back for a second run
  • Cowboy Bebop is restarting with new HD masters.
  • Inuyasha: The Final Act is moving before One Piece. Don’t fret though One Piece fans, as there is always a chance the show moves back to it’s original time slot once The Final Act ends.
  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood leaves Toonami, after airing on Adult Swim since 2010.

Are you excited for these changes? See the new schedule below and comment, telling us your thoughts on the news!

11:30 – Attack on Titan

12:00  – DBZ Kai

12:30 – Naruto Shippuden

01:00 – Inuyasha Final Act

01:30 – One Piece

02:00 – Gurren Lagann

02:30 – Deadman Wonderland

03:00 – Bleach

03:30 – Space Dandy

04:00 – Cowboy Bebop (starting with eps 1, HD)

04:30 – Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig

05:00 – IGPX

05:30 – Samurai Jack