Toonami recently announced via their Facebook that the Toonami line-up on Saturday July 2nd will be a Hunter x Hunter marathon from 11:30PM EST until 3:00 AM EST. If you’ve missed any episodes of Hunter x Hunter thus far, “you can smile again” because chances are you’ll be able to catch those episodes during the marathon. This is actually the first time a Viz Media anime has been given a marathon on the current Toonami block. That bodes well for other Viz Anime getting the same treatment in the future.

While it is usually the case that Toonami’s holiday marathons consist of only the most recent episodes, none of the schedule grid websites have accurate listings for July 2nd yet. We’ll keep you posted on what episodes will air but no premieres are expected to air that night.

According to updated schedule grids, the marathon will consist of the first seven episodes of Hunter x Hunter rather than the most recent seven. With this marathon new viewers can catch the journey from the beginning so be sure to check it out if you’ve been sleeping on Hunter x Hunter and to tell your friends while you’re at it.

The schedule is as follows.

11:30 PM – Episode 1 – Departure x and x Friends
12:00 AM – Episode 2 – Test x of x Tests
12:30 AM – Episode 3 – Rivals x for x Survival
1:00 AM – Episode 4 – Hope x and x Ambition
1:30 AM – Episode 5 – Hisoka x Is x Sneaky
2:00 AM – Episode 6 – A x Surprising x Challenge
2:30 AM – Episode 7 – A Showdown x on x the Airship

Source: http://tv.twcc.com/listings/cartoon-network#03-Jul-2016

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