The Toonami Tumblr Q&A is currently going on at and we are reporting live as new questions get answered in the next 2 hours, keep reloading this page for the highlights and new information for the best action block out there!


EDIT: The Q&A is over, but you can read all the important highlights below. For the full Q&A, go here!

First off, the staff is giving NO HINTS on the secret surprise airing tonight after Evangellion 2.22 tonight.

The Toonami Staff has “very exciting stuff” coming in the next year…

Toonami will eventually lose FMA: Brotherhood, no exact date yet though.

There is something in the works for the extra hour Toonami gets for the return of standard time, but note that the staff can’t spend too much budget on that hour.

The staff is still not getting paid to work on Toonami.

We will find out the surprise a hour before Toonami starts..

The chances are small for another immersion event..

There is a movie night for a movie not connected to any anime series coming very soon and the Toonami staff have hinted that it will be during a  holiday weekend.

Just wait and see on how Toonami can top how much amazing things they did this year for next year!

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Three game reviews are currently in the works…

Expansion is now possible if the ratings continue being as high as they have been these past few weeks!

In terms of the surprise tonight,” no one else would have the balls to air it”…

They are looking into movies that have ties to series they air, in a  reply to a question The One Piece Podcast asked(Strong World?)