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Earlier today, we told our followers on Twitter that the on air schedule for showed Sword Art Online premiering at 2 am on July 27th with Big O replacing Thundercats at 3:30 am. We didn’t know for sure if news was official because of past schedule errors, but just a hour ago the official Toonami Tumblr confirmed this was indeed the case and also gave out a new schedule as seen below…be sure to comment and tell us if you are excited for Sword Art Online and Big O season 2 on Toonami and check out the unofficial Toonami podcast next week for talkback on the news!

12:00a Bleach

12:30a Naruto Uncut

01:00a One Piece

01:30a Soul Eater

02:00a Sword Art Online

02:30a IGPX

03:00a Eureka 7

03:30a Big O Season 2

04:00a Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

04:30a Cowboy Bebop

05:00a Inuyasha

05:30a Inuyasha