Time Slot Show Slot Rating Slot
12:00a Bleach 1,485,000
12:30a Naruto 1,371,000
1:00a One Piece 1,141,000
1:30a Soul Eater 1,044,000
2:00a Sword Art Online 1,005,000
2:30a IGPX 730,000
3:00a Star Wars: The Clone Wars 727,000
3:30a Big O: Season 2 716,000
4:00a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 667,000
4:30a Cowboy Bebop 574,000
5:00a InuYasha 648,000
5:30a InuYasha 710,000

Very amazing job Toonami Faithful! The first shows on the block each got over a million views for the second week in a row and Star Wars: The Clone Wars premiered to very good ratings for a 3:00 am show. Overall the block did very well and we will have a full analysis coming soon..