preflight_callout_915x517 has begun uploading Toonami Pre-Flight to stream on-demand. This is a welcome change for viewers who are unable to watch the 5PM EST premieres on Tuesdays. Ever since they converted the Pre-Flight stream to the Toonami marathon stream, catching Pre-Flight at any other time than 5PM EST has become quite difficult. Having the option to watch Pre-Flight on-demand after it premieres on the streaming channel, should address those concerns. However, the video quality of the on-demand episodes seems quite a bit lower than the video quality on the streaming channel. Perhaps that will only be temporary but for now it is a bit of a drawback. It should also be noted that only the two most recent episodes will be available at any time but having two weeks to watch an episode ought to suffice.

You can find Toonami Pre-Flight episodes and various Toonami videos in the Toonami section on the Adult Swim video page.

Are you excited that you can now watch the latest episodes of Toonami Pre-Flight whenever you want? Let us know in the comments below.