This Saturday Toonami will return to airing for four hours from 11:30PM-3:30AM. Toonami’s 11:00PM EST rerun of Samurai Jack has been cut-off at episode four. As of last Saturday, Samurai Jack restarted season 5 from the top at 8:30PM EST with an encore directly after Toonami at 3:30AM EST. The Family Guy hour will shift back to 10:30PM-11:30PM and the 10:00PM slot will be occupied by The Venture Bros., starting with the first episode of season 2.

Although Samurai Jack will be airing after Ghost in the Shell at 3:30AM it does not appear to be counted as part of Toonami. The 3:30AM airing ran without Toonami packaging this past Saturday. It’s entirely possible that they will add Toonami bumpers to Jack starting this Saturday but’s own schedule does not include Jack at the moment.

As of right now, no representative of Adult Swim has confirmed that Toonami is losing the 11:00PM time slot but enough cable grids are showing this schedule to confirm it’s reliability. It looks like the Attack on Titan marathon was the 11:00PM slot’s last hurrah for the time being.

This Saturdays’s entire Adult Swim schedule is as follows:

8:00 PM – Dragon Ball Super
8:30 PM – Samurai Jack
9:00 PM – Rick & Morty
9:30 PM – Rick & Morty
10:00 PM – The Venture Bros.
10:30 PM – Family Guy
11:00 PM – Family Guy
11:30 PM – Dragon Ball Super
12:00 AM – Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters
12:30 AM – Attack on Titan
1:00 AM – Tokyo Ghoul: Root A
1:30 AM – Hunter x Hunter
2:00 AM – Lupin the 3rd: Part 4
2:30 AM – Naruto: Shippuden
3:00 AM – Ghost in the Shell: The Stand Alone Complex
3:30 AM – Samurai Jack
4:00 AM – Rick & Morty
4:30 AM – Rick & Morty
5:00 AM – King of the Hill
5:30 AM – King of the Hill

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