It’s a brave new world for anime thanks to FUNimation. They decided to change the game to keep things fresh for anime consumers, who are constantly wanting more entertainment. It started when the company announced back in 2014 that they would be dubbing anime literally weeks after an episode airs in Japan. Not only were they dubbing it, but they were allowing subscribers to watch these dubbed episodes. Thus, broadcast dubs were born and became an important part of the anime simulcast schedule since. It allowed some of the season’s best shows to have a dub quickly available for fans and potentially for Toonami to broadcast. In fact, they have done this once before with a world premiere of Space Dandy. But ever since Dandy took viewers to “Boobies” on Saturdays, a broadcast dubbed show hasn’t been aired on the block. That will now change thanks to Dimension W, which will air starting Feb. 27 on Toonami.

Thanks to FUNimation’s show Dubble Talk, many speculated that Dimension W would be joining Toonami once Akame ga Kill ends. These rumors floated around rapidly after the hosts were specifically mum about anything involved with the series last week. Of course, people were expecting a Dimension W broadcast dub, due to how much FUNimation has invested in it (more on that later). In fact, with FUNimation’s involvement, I expected this show to be one of the company’s Wednesday broadcast dub premieres block (which is where they usually showcase their most popular licensed shows). However, the dubbing company made an announcement about how they were upping their broadcast dubs’ game this winter, and in fact, many of the shows they licensed this season are receiving a dub. In an email sent out by FUNimation giving fans a rundown on when a broadcast dub will air, Dimension W had a very suspicious “TBD” next to its picture. That made many connect the dots that the company was making a move to have the dub premiere on Toonami (especially with Akame ga Kill finishing up soon).

Some might wonder why FUNimation would pull out all the stops to have this show premiere on the action block. What is it about Dimension W that is forcing the company to make a power play now? Well, for one thing, FUNimation is part of the production company of the series, which is unusual. It’s just another way they are trying to stay ahead of other dubbing companies. What this means is that FUNimation had a say in how this series was being produced and made (from the beginning), instead of just strictly owning the licensing/distribution rights. Every meeting about Dimension W had to have a representative from FUNimation there, ready to articulate what they think would be the best move for the show to succeed. I’m not going to get into the speculation about why this could be bad for anime down the road, but it should be looked at as a positive step for anime fans stateside.

Of course, FUNimation wants this series on Toonami to try and grab a larger audience. Many of their franchises have been beloved, thanks to the runtime they have had on the action block (Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yu Yu Hakusho). Adding Dimension W is another way for the company to gain notoriety by offering a brand new series and dub that no one has seen yet. Plus, fans will have to wait two weeks after an episode airs to be able to stream any dubbed episodes on FUNimation’s website, making it more important to catch the show on Toonami. So if it performs well, it could join the ranks of some of FUNimation’s best gifts to the anime community.

It’s not as if Dimension W is a bad series, either (although it’s hard to call it good or bad considering it’s only five episodes in). While it might not be winning the race for best series of the current season, it is certainly one of the heavy hitters so far (in my opinion). In fact, depending on how the entire series goes, it could become the best show of the season (which of course the company is hoping for).

It is your typical Sci-Fi/Cyberpunk type series. We are taken into the future where a new dimensional axis has been discovered with unlimited energy (dubbed Dimension W). The world seems to be a better place with all the new advancements made by coils, which are used to harness the energy from Dimension W. Huge towers have been built all over the new world to help bring energy worldwide, built and governed by a company named New Tesla (which has monopolized the use of coils). However, our main hero Kyoma Mabuchi likes things of the past and isn’t interested in anything involving coils. New Tesla and police ask “Collectors” to help stop the general public from using/producing any illegal coils (one’s that aren’t supplied by New Tesla). Kyoma (and possibly others) then attack criminals who use illegal coils and retrieve them.

Kyoma stumbles into a confrontation during a job that involves one of the creators of coils and founder of New Tesla, Dr. Yurizaki, and an android, Mira, who believes she’s human (calling the doctor father even). Kyoma witnesses a huge explosion that disrupts the entire city and the Mira. Kyoma retrieves her, thinking she’s an illegal coil and can sell her, and through his bosses ends up teaming up with Mira. The two are now set to collect more illegal coils and possibly find out more about them.

It’s been a very entertaining show so far. In fact, out of all the new shows this season, it’s the series I look forward to the most every week (I’m not saying it’s the best show, just one I seem to enjoy the most). I like the artwork, especially when looking at the scenery in this world that the characters are immersed in. Although sometimes the artwork is too simplistic when the show closes in on someone’s face. I’m not the biggest fan of that, but it is one  minor thing I’ve noticed. Still, what I love the most about this show is the chemistry (or lack thereof) between Kyoma and Mira. They are your typical character tropes, with Kyoma hating Mira (due to her being an android), and Mira trying to prove herself to Kyoma (like a daughter would for her father). Their dynamic is what brings me back, but I’m sure other characters will find their ways into fans’ hearts (Loser being one of them). Dimension W brings in some sweet action involving Kyoma, who knows how to handle himself when dealing with criminals. He will certainly impress those who look forward to fights in the series. So it will certainly give many the feeling of a typical Toonami show.

It’s such a welcome sight, not just because it’s a Sci-Fi series, but the fact that Toonami is using  broadcast dubs as an option now. This could mean that others could be picked up for the future. If there is a broadcast dub available, why not look into broadcasting it later? Or even do what Toonami is doing now (dub premiering a show on the action block). I was especially pleased when Gangsta. received a broadcast dub, making me believe that it’s possible for this series to join Toonami at a later date. I feel the same way about Assassination Classroom as well, which has been one of my favorite simulcasts of all to watch. But you can pick and choose any action series that’s received a broadcast dub now.

Since FUNimation* is going to the trouble of dubbing as quickly as they are, it’s a source of untapped potential for Toonami. Fans enjoy watching the latest anime on streaming websites, and what FUNimation is doing by broadcast dubbing shows this fast is giving dub fans a quick turnaround instead of waiting years to hear it in English. It could become a way for Toonami to keep up with streaming websites, making the block feel fresher for anime fans.

Now any shows licensed by FUNimation that is getting a broadcast dub has a shot at making the block (or should, at least). If it’s good enough to air in Japan, it should be okay on Toonami. Some might complain about the dubbing quality due to the quick turnaround necessary to keep up with a schedule like Toonami’s. Sometimes things can’t be done perfectly, although I don’t have any complaints about the quality of the series so far. But not even considering  any broadcast dubs (on Toonami’s part) seems rather wasteful more than anything else.

After all, this is what Toonami wants when they are adding a new series. They should always choose a dub premiere over a series that has already aired. That’s why Akame ga Kill and Parasyte were excellent choices when they were added to the block. There wasn’t any place to see these episodes dubbed yet (streaming wise), and so to see the latest dubbed episode, you had to tune into Toonami. The same could potentially happen with Dimension W. If you want to see the latest dubbed episode, you need to tune to Adult Swim. It will be that precious dub premiere that a lot of people have been clamoring for that will benefit Toonami (even if it isn’t Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans).


There is some risk for both parties. It may not be well-received by fans, and by that I mean the dubbed performance. If the cast isn’t accepted by fans, that could lead to a lot of trouble for Toonami. I doubt that will be the case, considering who was cast (so a bullet was dodged there). Another risk is that no one is sure how this series ends and fans might be disappointed and underwhelmed with the show’s finale after 12 episodes. Plus, since FUNimation is part of the production committee, they lose out on a lot of profits if the show doesn’t perform well overall (and when I say a lot, I mean a ton of money). They might not be given another chance to join the production committee in the future if Dimension W tanks on Toonami. They need a lot of eyes on this series and hopefully more eyes streaming it when it’s available (then hopefully physical sales are high). Now I don’t think that this show will falter, based on how much I’ve enjoyed the first few episodes. I believe that this is a pretty safe series for FUNimation to bank on with its fanbase in the U.S. However, it’s something that has to be in the back of the minds of all those involved, hoping that Dimension W performs well.


I was definitely surprised that Dimension W was the choice to join the lineup, since I didn’t think it would air this quickly. With FUNimation’s investment in this series, I believed a Toonami run would be in the cards (anything to add more eyes to the show). This could mean that the action block could look into obtaining more broadcast dubs, and possibly have FUNimation halt the release of the dub so they can get the premiere  in the future. That would mean that newer shows could air a lot sooner than expected. Even if a dub premiere doesn’t happen, it still would be an awesome resource to look into in the future. If it worked with Space Dandy, I have faith other series could make it work as well. So it’s time for fans to get ready to enter a new dimension, one where Toonami might be airing newer content early and often.

*Bang Zoom! is also simul-dubbing Durarara!!X2 (for Aniplex USA) as well as  giving fans a quick turnaround with Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans (for Sunrise).

C.J Maffris is an editorial writer for Toonamifaithful.com. He would love for more broadcast dubs to join the lineup. Feel free to talk about this topic with him on Twitter @SeaJayMaffris