Toonami’s upcoming schedule has been released to the public on and confirmed by Toonami Squad via e-mail. The popular horror suspense thriller: Tokyo Ghoul will premiere at 1:00 AM EST while Gundam Unicorn and Naruto Shippuden will both move later in the line-up. Here is the upcoming line-up for March 25th 2017.

11:00 PM – Samurai Jack
11:30 PM – Dragon Ball Super
12:00 AM – Sand Whale and Me
12:05 AM – Dragon Ball Z Kai
12:30 AM – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
1:00 AM – Tokyo Ghoul
1:30 AM – Hunter x Hunter
2:00 AM – Gundam Unicorn
2:30 AM – Naruto Shippuden
3:00 AM – Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Sand Whale and Me is a micro series that will begin airing this Saturday at Midnight as part of Toonami’s 20th Anniversary celebration. It will run five episodes in total.

If you had not heard yet, One Piece will be leaving Toonami after this Saturday. The news was announced via the latest streaming episode of Toonami Pre-Flight.

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Credit to Toonami Squad for getting the confirmation.

Edit: Screener TV’s schedule grid has changed to indicate that Hunter x Hunter will maintain it’s 1:30AM slot. Gundam Unicorn will move to 2:00AM next to Naruto Shippuden.