It’s been a whole six months since we last saw Gurren Lagann air on Toonami, and now thanks to the online stream, it’s finally back! Great news for anyone who wants to re-watch the series, or never got a chance to see it on Toonami when it was airing. Episodes 1-15 will be shown on repeat until Wednesday at 5PM EST, and 16-27 will air from then until 5PM Friday (when the new Toonami Pre-Flight episode streams).

Here is a rough schedule of the 24/7 Toonami stream (thanks Sketch!)

Sunday Morning – Monday Morning: Toonami Block Encore
Monday Morning – Friday Evening After the 5PM EST Toonami Pre-Flight Premiere: Series Marathons
Friday Evening After the 5PM EST Toonami Pre-Flight Premiere – Sunday Morning: Toonami Block Encore

The stream is hosted by, and is completely free and legal to watch for anyone in the U.S. Click here to watch the stream.