This week, fans were treated to some welcomed news as a brand new original was announced. We cannot wait to see when Ninja Kamui makes its way to the block and are excited to see how director Sunghoo Park will do with an original project. But that wasn’t the only thing for fans as a new Toonami AMV dropped, giving all the Faithfuls something nice to see to go along with all the action. Curious about any interesting stories that involve Toonami-related series? We have all the angles covered in the latest installment of This Week From Toonami!

Toonami surprised fans with a huge announcement this week. Adult Swim broke the news that a new original will be coming to Toonami titled Ninja Kamui. The company has been pleased with what Toonami has accomplished with its originals and looks to continue creating new content for fans to enjoy. And while many fans are pumped about the new show, many have their eyes set on who is directing Ninja Kamui (Sunghoo Park), who is best known for his work on Jujutsu Kaisen and the latest film of the property. Many fans are in awe at his style of direction and cannot wait to see what he can do with an original. Oddly enough, Adult Swim announced another series alongside Ninja Kamui, which was that a Rick and Morty anime will be made for Adult Swim. So far, there is no indication that it will air on Toonami, but considering the anime, shorts have aired on the block, and maybe a rerun for it will be in the cards down the road. As of now, there hasn’t been a premiere date or year given for Ninja Kamui, but Toonami Faithful will keep you updated when news of that drops.

Toonami this weekend debuted a new music video to highlight the current series in the lineup titled “Devil Inside.” The song itself is called “koko v (hpnotiq)” performed by Bug Mane, and it gives a darker vibe for the series that are airing on the block and has a nice slow pace that many fans appreciated. It looks as stellar as Toonami AMV’s typically look, and Bug Mane himself made sure to celebrate the achievement after the broadcast. But that wasn’t the only special video that debuted, as Toonami had a lineup promo play to make sure fans were up to date on the current lineup. Two video goodies in one night? Sign us up and love the amount of work and effort to give fans all these great extras!

Rumors were floating around about the third season of Fire Force in the works, which was finally confirmed by the official website. The website also mentioned that a smartphone game for the property would also be made that is free to play with in-game transactions titled Fire Force: Enbu no Shо̄ to go along with the announcement. Of course, the big question will be, can Toonami acquire this series to air on the block, considering how things have looked in terms of acquisitions. We are hopeful that is the case with how popular the series was on Adult Swim and want to know how the story continues.

Fans of Sword Art Online might want to circle May 27 on their calendar. The franchise revealed that there might be a new anime announcement during the special 10th anniversary live stream. We aren’t sure what that could be in terms of could it be furthering the original story, a side story anime, or something completely different. But fans of the series will want to make sure they keep their eyes on the stream or Twitter to find out what will be next for the historic franchise. However, that wasn’t the only thing highlighted. The reveal also showcased illustrations for the Japanese release of the film Sword Art Online -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night, which looks stunning.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fans now have a definite date for the franchise’s 10th-anniversary exhibit in Japan (which we’ve reported in previous installments of This Week From Toonami). Starting Aug. 10 to Sep. 4, enthusiasts of the series will be able to visit Tokyo’s Sunshine City to check out all-new illustrations, check out how the show is made behind the scenes, and a special video. However, this event isn’t strictly in Tokyo as other places such as Hokkaido, Niigata, Aichi, Osaka, and Fukuoka will play host in later days. It sounds like it will be a must-be for JoJo fans, and we hope to hear about some cool things on the horizon for the property.

Weekly Shonen Jump announced a new character for the hit video game My Hero One’s Justice 2. This time, everyone’s favorite naval laser student Yūga Aoyama will join the fight as the fifth and final character for the second season game pass (following Shinso Hitoshi, Present Mic, Kurogiri, and Midnight). It’s shocking that it took this long for Aoyama to become a playable character, but better late than never, as fans have the chance to download him now! Also, huge kudos for adding the unfortunate side effect that Aoyama faces when he uses her quirk for too long; such a nice touch.

The Prince of Tennis franchise has been taking the anime world by storm. Ever since the new anime series was announced, many projects to help promote the series have been coming out of the woodwork, proving just how popular it still is. In this case, the official website for the series announced a new video game coming to the Nintendo Switch. According to Anime News Network, it will be a “documentary adventure game” and tell a brand-new original story featuring the voices of every character.

This week the publication Polygon published an interesting piece where the director of the horror film Men, Alex Garland, was inspired by the hit anime series Attack on Titan. Written by Tasha Robinson, Garland mentions how his daughter got him into seeing it and has been blown away by the story of Eren and the titans. While Garland doesn’t want to put too much emphasis on the wrong place or wrongly give Attack on Titan too much credit for his film, he mentioned how the series pushed him away from becoming complacent and put everything he could into his work. We found this article intriguing and hope that our readers and fans will give it a read when they have the chance!

On the latest episode of The Toonami Faithful Podcast, host Andrew “Sketch” Hingson is joined by Bryan “LaserKid” Johnson, Happy Kuro Kitty, and returning friend of Toonami Faithful Arthur Mesa. The gang reviews the final two episodes of Shenmue: the Animation and why our panelists are very high on the series. Jason DeMarco has mentioned that if fans want more, it could happen if enough interest is sparked that catches Crunchyroll’s eye. However, the group does go into the giant elephant in the room of Toonami’s current lineup, which isn’t as fresh as some would like. Check out what our experts had to say in this latest episode, full of commentary you won’t want to miss.

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