It was a special week for Toonami as the celebration for its 25th anniversary was out in full force. Fans, companies, industry folks all had a ton to say about the block and how it has shaped the anime fandom in the U.S. But being as generous as they typically are, Toonami gave back to its fans announcing three new originals that will be coming to the block. It has been an emotional week, and Toonami Faithful is honored to share all the highlights for a unique look at This Week From Toonami!

What a way for Toonami to celebrate 25 years of bringing you a better cartoon show by announcing three new original programs coming to the block! In a massive shock to fans, two more seasons of FLCL were ordered and should be coming to Adult Swim in 2023 titled FLCL: Grunge and FLCL: Shoegaze. A trailer for FLCL: Grunge was published on Twitter, showing the very different animation style (from previous seasons) to help get fans excited for what is to come next year! But that wasn’t the only series announced! A new original titled Housing Complex C was also included in the news, with a press release from Adult Swim stating that it would appear on the block THIS YEAR! A short trailer was also published to help get fans ready and leads some to wonder if it’ll be airing simultaneously as Uzumaki. Still, fans have to be excited about the recent news with more originals coming to the block!

Blade Runner: Black Lotus found itself in the news this week, as fans who missed it airing on Toonami can now check it out on HBO Max! Adult Swim even cut a promo to announce the new place for fans to find it! But that isn’t everything, as Titan Comics announced that it will produce a four-issue mini-series comic book sequel for Blade Runner: Black Lotus. Nancy Collins will be writing the story with Enid Balam, illustrating the comic. In the linked article, fans can also check out the different cover art for the new project, and all looked cool! It should be an exciting read for fans who enjoyed Blade Runner: Black Lotus, so definitely check this out!

The hack at Toei Animation seems to have had a more significant impact than first reported. Series have still been delayed, such as One Piece, but it would appear that the latest Dragon Ball Super film was also affected by the hack. They’ve had to change the screening date and have yet to give a new one as of writing this article. Hopefully, this issue can be resolved soon, as this hack could have lasting impacts on Toei Animation, considering what has occurred already.

Hey, My Hero Academia fans! Are you excited for the newest season that should be happening in 2022? A new key visual was shown to showcase the sixth season to kick off the excitement of what is to come for fans. There’s still a lot of time before anyone can start thinking of a Toonami broadcast, considering how fans will have to wait till autumn before the season begins. But, once it premieres and Crunchyroll begins to dub it, I’m sure we can expect to see it on Toonami, barring any significant changes due to the combination with Crunchyroll and FUNimation.

But if the wait for the newest season of My Hero Academia is taking too long, you can check out the latest DLC character introduced to My Hero One’s Justice 2! Midnight joins the fray, and a new trailer to showcase her was published by Bandai Namco’s YouTube page. In it, we get to see and hear what she will bring to the table, as she seems to utilize her whip a ton in her moves. It’s a pretty exciting trailer that fans should check out to help decide if they will be getting the latest character in the season pass.

Curious about Black Lagoon lore? It was announced that there will be a Black Lagoon spinoff involving Eda during her days as a rookie in the CIA! It will be published on April 19 and will be drawn by Hajime Yamamura. It will be interesting to learn more about Eda as she had some secrets from her past due to how we are introduced to her in Black Lagoon. Seeing her days as a rookie CIA operative should be fantastic reading, and I cannot wait to find out how she became a sister of the church. And we have to h/t our staff member Sakaki for bringing this to our attention!

Following in the footsteps of Genshin Impactthe hit mobile game Bleach: Brave Souls is now available on the PS4. The game will support cross-play for those who play on mobile devices, PCs, and now the PS4. Previously this update was supposed to happen in 2021 but was delayed till Tuesday of last week! This mobile game has been around since 2015 in Japan and 2016 worldwide, which is a testament to how popular it has continued to be in the highly competitive mobile game market. Now more players will have a chance to check it out with it being available on the PS4.

Fans can now check out the full-length trailers for the two new Fullmetal Alchemist films. In the trailer, fans will get to see more scenes with action to leave you wanting more. The two movies are set to premiere in May and June of this year. We are hopeful fans can enjoy the live-action films of a beloved franchise! But while many film buffs are interested in that, more footage of the Fullmetal Alchemist mobile game was showcased in a new full trailer! After watching, it has similar mechanics to Fire Emblem games, meaning those who enjoy turn-based strategy games will have their hands full on the new game. Set to be available in Japan this summer, a sign-up for the game’s closed beta is up now, which will take place from March 31 – April 8. We hope there will be a global release for this game as the artwork and gameplay look interesting to try out.

Crunchyroll’s Senior Staff Writer Daniel Dockery wrote an excellent tribute piece about Toonami to celebrate its 25th anniversary. In the piece, Dockery talks about how the creation of Toonami helped solidify anime as an avenue for entertaining the masses in the U.S. and why the block mattered to fans when they would discover the block. The author also looks into some of the more significant series on the block and discusses how amazing it was for fans to experience. Dockery also noted how Toonami never gatekept any of their acquisitions and can be credited with giving anime a broader audience to where now you find references about the medium all over the entertainment sphere. It’s a fun read that we encourage all Toonami fans to check out when they can!

The Toonami tributes came out in full force this week, to the surprise of no one (although we were surprised to see Netflix send some love Toonami’s way). However, one thing that got our attention was this fantastic fan art of every version of TOM! We absolutely love what @SChauvel did and cannot wait to see the colored piece in the future.

Friend of Toonami Faithful, Fabian LeFevre created a Toonami intro to celebrate the block’s 25th anniversary. It’s a short video highlighting TOM and SARA’s many iterations to say happy birthday to the beloved hosts and block. It’s a fun little video we wanted to highlight and congratulate Fabian for a well-done job!

While we haven’t posted an official announcement yet, this week’s live podcast episode, Toonami Faithful had the honor and privilege to speak with Steve Blum and Dana Swanson to celebrate Toonami’s 25th anniversary. Andrew “Sketch” Hingson hosted the interview alongside Editor-in-Chief CJ Maffris as the two got to dive into the emotions the two guests were feeling on the special day. In the interview, fans will learn how much this accomplishment means to them, their favorite designs of the hosts of Toonami, and things get emotional learning about the impact the block has had on fans all over the world. We cannot wait to share this heartfelt discussion about the greatest action cartoon block on the planet, and we will be giving you an update soon!

Speaking of the latest Toonami Faithful Podcast, Toonami Faithful decided to do a live episode on their Twitch page, where nearly everyone and anyone associated with the podcast joined. What started with our panelists discussing their favorite moments and memories goes off the rails with everyone reconnecting, much like how Toonami would want. We even get special appearances by co-creator of Toonami Faithful Jose Argumedo and former Director of Social Media Celia Rose! But this episode is a full-on Avenger-style podcast that spans 3 hours. We know that’s a lot of time to dedicate, but you won’t be upset with the palpable emotions of our esteemed guests. We hope you enjoy our love-fest for each other and Toonami and hope we can do this again after the next 25 years!

At long last, Toonami Faithful has hired a new member to join our social media team. Brittney Cooper, who I’m sure many fans already know of due to her commitment for tweeting about the block. Thankfully after a couple of months of working in the shadows, she has agreed to become staff and will now help a department that has been missing Celia Rose since her departure. We are so excited to be working with Brittney, and she is excited to take on the challenges that come with being a brand manager.

CJ Maffris has been thoroughly impressed with Brittney since she began training and taking over some responsibilities at Toonami Faithful. “She has passed all of the tests thrown her way and then some. I am so excited to bring some added help to our social team that Steven Oz has been handling himself for quite some time.” We couldn’t be happier to have a new likeminded individual on our team, and we hope you all enjoy her time with us as she helps bring you a better social media experience!

CJ Maffris took some time to write an editorial to commemorate Toonami’s impact in the past 25 years. Toonami has been able to defy the odds in this new entertainment world of streaming and still keeps itself relevant thanks to its original programming. CJ is in awe that Toonami set the tone for what streaming companies would begin to implement, being the pseudo-grandfather for what companies like Netflix, Hulu, FUNimation Now (while it was still a thing), etc. are now today. Toonami has been a cultural phenomenon that has lasted in a way that will never be seen again. We recommend reading the words from our Editor-in-Chief to paint a perspective with what Toonami has meant to the entertainment world.

In the latest review for Shenmue the Animation, staff writer Bryan “Laser Kid” Johnson highlights a valuable lesson Ryo learns in the newest episode. Laser Kid focuses on how this is the first time we see Ryo flustered and making things worse the more he progresses. He continued to search for Lishao Tao and couldn’t figure out how to utilize the Iron Palm fist. Ryo typically stays calm throughout the story, even when things have been grim. So we get to see a more relatable side of our principal hero, who has looked a bit too invincible in this series. Still, we get introduced to some new characters (Joy being the most prominent highlight) and are treated to fun fights and scenery to give you a complete package. Curious about what our Shenmue expert had to say? You’ll have to find out in our latest review of Shenmue the Animation.

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