Hello everyone. With MoMoCon starting tomorrow and the entire staff being incredibly busy during this time I thought I’d answer some questions to make sure you know where to go to get all the Toonami goodness that MoMoCon will bestow upon us.

Q: When does the Toonami Panel take place?
A: Sunday morning at 11:30 AM, the 10th of March. Or simply, 3/10/2013, 11:30 AM.

Q: Where can I watch it live?
A: Unfortunately due to multiple logistical problems we will not stream the panel. However, the @ToonamiNews account will be tweeting live (at least that’s the plan).

Q: That sucks. Can I watch afterwards?
A: You bet! We will be recording the entire panel and editing it for broadcast on the web! You can watch it here, GeekEInc.Com, our official Tumblr (toonamifaithfulofficial.tumblr.com) and the official Toonami Tumblr (Toonami.Tumblr.Com). Stay tuned to @ToonamiNews (and @jeargumedo) on Twitter to know exactly when it comes out, because at this time, we can not give you a time. We can only tell you it WILL BE OUT ON THE 10TH.

Q: Will there be a podcast this week?
A: No, our staff is way too occupied with the convention to even consider doing a podcast in the middle of it. However, there will be something coming out for the week. We won’t say what or when, but check back throughout the week to your podcast feeds on iTunes, PodOmatic or however you access the podcast.

Q: Can we ask questions, even though we’re not there?
A: To Quote From Chad Bonin (the person holding the panel):

[QUOTE]I’ll have my own questions to ask. The audience will have theirs. For the chunk of people who just can’t make it down to Georgia (really, you can’t clear a weekend to fly cross-country?), Toonami News will be recording the panel and uploading it online.

…you want your question asked at the panel? That’s great! A few guidelines before you ask, though.

-Please read the FAQ. I cannot stress this enough. If your question is easily answered by the FAQ, we won’t consider it.

-Think about questions that are more person-related. Stories, personal roles, experiences, etc. If the Tumblr is posted anonymously, the panel is to ask Steve, Jason, and the others questions. It can be story-time if you want it.

-Double-check the history of the Tumblr. You might have the answer already, and if so, we’ll probably just skip the question.

-No current or future acquisition news, specifics about editing rules, general Adult Swim/Cartoon Network questions, or etc. These are the things that time-and-again you’ve been told can’t be answered due to legal issues or, well, lack of relevance.

-Let us know your name, if you want. We’ll make sure to say who the question’s from online. You can be immortalized in a YouTube clip!

-Steve! Don’t forget, Steve Blum doesn’t answer on the Tumblr, and the MomoCon interview panel with him will focus on his other roles. If you’ve got a question for Steve and/or TOM, now’s your chance.

Read all that? Got a good idea? Go ahead and ask the Toonami crew the question, dropping the hashtag #momocon in your message to indicate that you don’t want your question asked on the blog, but at MomoCon.[/QUOTE]

Q: If we see you guys, can we say “hi!”
A: Of course! We love you guys! We don’t bite! But please keep conscious of what we’re doing before you approach us. For example, if Jose is shooting with his big ol’ camera something that looks important, wait for him to finish. If he bolts off, it’s nothing personal, we are all very busy at this con and have a very tight schedule. We’re here to work, not play (but we’re going to play when no one’s looking). Oh, and be polite!

Q: What’s Darrell’s room number?
A: A number that does not match Jose’s.

Q: Do I need to pay to get into the panel?
A: The panel, no. The convention, yes. Make sure you visit MoMoCon.Com for all the con information.

Q: How would one get in contact with you if we want to meet you guys at the con?
A: We all have phones that have e-mail. E-Mail us at [email]ContactUs@ToonamiFaithful.com[/email]. We may not respond right away but if you want to meet us later, we’ll do our best.

See you at the Con!