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With the premiere of Attack On Titan on Toonami at the start of May, this will of course lead to another new Toonami schedule! Starting May 3rd, we can expect this at the new schedule. As you can see below, Space Dandy has moved to airing after Bleach and before Naruto Shippuden. Leaving One Piece and every show after that to air 30 minutes later.  Also, this means that after April 26th, IGPX will no longer air on Toonami once again. So Long Cowboy!  Are you excited for the new Toonami schedule? Comment on your thoughts in the comments below!

11:30 – Attack on Titan

12:00 – Bleach

12:30 – Space Dandy

1:00 – Naruto: Shippuden

1:30 – One Piece

2:00 – Blue Exorcist

2:30 – Black Lagoon

3:00 – Naruto

3:30 – GITS

4:00 – FMAB

4:30 – Samurai Jack

5:00 – SWCW

5:30 – Sym–bionic Titan

Here’s the teaser trailer that aired earlier tonight.

More on this as it develops.