On Wednesday, Jason DeMarco, CO-Creator of Toonami, did a Q&A on his X (formally Twitter) account. From unraveling the intricacies of the creative process that brings our favorite anime adventures to life this Q&A was a treasure trove of insights for dedicated fans hungry for more from their favorite anime block. While not everything asked was Toonami-related, there were a few admissions that Toonami fans will find interesting. Here is what was asked:

When AS Toonami outlived CN Toonami, that was something no one expected. Our own Sketch asks a question about these insights into the decision-making process behind the cancellation and revival of the iconic anime programming block.

I asked some questions to see what lies in Toonami’s future and what could have been with the Thundercats.

As for longer-form anime and movies, while they would love to air them, as of right now it is something that would not air anytime soon due to budgets. Still, acquisitions are looking up for Toonami Toonami Faithful will continue to monitor the situation and report any more information we find out.

One fan was worried about studios rushing anime projects and everything suffers due to the extreme output of the staff. With the Toonami/Adult Swim originals, Jason assured that this was not the case with their projects. Plus, there was a small update on Uzumaki, because the last thing we heard about it was at the 2022 San Diego Comic Convention.

When Ninja Kamui airs this Saturday, February 10 on Toonami, it will have a dub premiere at the beginning of the block and a sub premiere at the end of the block. Two fans asked about bringing the sub to Toonami and the process surrounding that.

Curious about Toonami’s series selection process? DeMarco mentioned it’s largely in the hands of Crunchyroll’s higher-ups rather than the Toonami crew.

For additional intriguing Toonami-related responses, here are a handful that piqued our interest. Take a look!

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