Turner Networks founder, Ted Turner has been hospitalized in Buenos Aires, Argentina according to an article from the Associated Press. There are no further details at this time.

Ted Turner officially founded Turner Broadcasting Systems in 1978, which since it’s founding has gone on to create television history. In 1980, he created the first 24 hour news channel, CNN, which has captured some historic moments and broadcast them live into people’s home, where conventional newscasts had failed.

He also acquired MGM’s pre-1986 catalogue which included many classic WB cartoons, and created the WCW, which was eventually sold off to the WWF (Today known as the WWE). In 1988 he created TNT and Cartoon Network followed in 1992. Turner’s company was eventually acquired by Time Warner, which also means that much of WB’s film catalogue which was at MGM after being sold off by WB in the first place, is now back at Warner.

He is also well known for his work in philanthropy, focusing on cleaning up the environment. He created Captain Planet the same year he founded the Turner Foundation.

All of us here at ToonamiFaithful.com wish for a speedy recovery.

UPDATE: He is suffering from appendicitis. We wish for him to get well soon.

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Source: http://www.tvnewscheck.com/article/74662/ted-turner-hospitalized-in-argentine-capital