As many fans are aware, Toonami Faithful has had a minor shuffle in personnel in their social media department. With the sudden departure of Daniel “Anime Savior” Limjoco, the publication has been desperately searching for a new candidate to assist in the field. Thankfully, Toonami Faithful has found Steven Oz (MXAGhost), who has been training with the team for the past two weeks! The publication is excited to welcome Steven and to help utilize his strengths to bring you a better experience on all social media platforms. During his time training with the website, Steven has been responsible for the dishes of the week post and has helped writing copy for everyone to use. We at Toonami Faithful are excited to bring in a new volunteer who has rose to the occasion in providing a much-needed voice amongst the group.

With this recent addition, Toonami Faithful felt it was in the best interest to promote Celia Rose to a new position due to her tireless efforts operating in the very demanding field by herself. Her volunteer work has helped create a new persona the platform has been missing for quite some time. Since her hire back in 2020, Celia Rose has become the most influential fan of all things Toonami on the internet. From her weekly schedule graphics, This Week From Toonami articles, and her wonderful personality shining in her posts on Saturdays, many places have noticed what she brings to the table. So much so that many have begun incorporating her style into their arsenal as well.

“When I started with Toonami Faithful’s social media team last year, I was nervous that my style might not resonate with our community,” Celia Rose explained. “I’m very happy that so many people enjoy the work I’ve put into our posts. If I’ve ever made you laugh, cringe, or hyped with one of our posts, then I’ve done my job right! I’m also really excited to have Steven on the team! Just in the short time, he’s been with us he’s had great ideas and been a pleasure to work with. I can’t wait to see what else we can do when we put our heads together.”

Honored by this recent promotion, Celia Rose will be taking more of a leadership role at Toonami Faithful to help solidify a department that has seen a spark since she took over. While Toonami Faithful has had a great eye in keeping track of news involving the iconic cartoon block and industry posts, we thought that the entity lacked contributing to the Toonami community among fans. After all, if it weren’t for fans, Toonami wouldn’t be around. Much like Toonami Faithful, fans expressing their love in all kinds of ways, such as posts, projects, music, etc., deserve a chance to gain attention that can be shared across all of the platforms Toonami Faithful uses. Celia Rose has done a stunning job to promote more community-type projects, and Toonami Faithful wanted to reward her tireless volunteer efforts.

Toonami Faithful couldn’t be more pleased with the results of these new changes and want fans to help by welcoming Steven Oz, and congratulating Celia Rose!

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