Early this morning the “Space Dandy” official blog announced that “Space Dandy” would not only premiere on Tokyo MX in Japan, but also be simulcast on Cartoon Network (we assume they mean, [adult swim], but it says Cartoon Network) as well as Animax Asia (excluding Korea). We have no confirmation whether these will be TV simulcasts with online simulcasts on adult swim.com or if this will be a full broadcast with a simultaneously produced akin to “Gundam Unicorn” and “Kurokami”.

“Space Dandy” is the new showed helmed by “Cowboy Bebop” director, Shinichiro Watanabe, and is being produced by Bandai and Bones. We spoke to Watanabe-San and the producers of the show back in August at Otakon, and they had expressed much interest in bringing the show to American shores on [adult swim], even naming Mike Lazzo and Jason DeMarco by name. We reached out to Jason DeMarco for comment, and at the time he told us that they had been pitched the show and that they were looking into it, but had no definite plans.

A second (but as of yet unconfirmed) article has been released announcing FUNimation will be handling the materials for broadcast as well as the dub. We will follow up on this.

Sources (Both In Japanese):

We will be reaching out to the producers at Bandai and our friends at Williams Street and FUNimation for further comment.We suggest keeping an eye on the Toonami Tumblr for an official American announcement, or possibly FUNimation’s website.

Update: Anime News Network confirms it will air on [adult swim] and is being handled by FUNimation. Singapore’s Odex will be responsible for the license in Asia.

Update 2: The Toonami Tumblr confirms that Space Dandy will air on Toonami’s new expanded 6 1/2 hour block. It will air Saturday nights at 11:30 before it airs in Japan.

Official Statement From Toonami (via Jason DeMarco):

“Toonami is thrilled to be able to once again bring the world a Watanabe-sama show, and this time, before anyone else has seen it. When he and his partners brought the opportunity to be involved in making the show, we jumped at the chance. We hope everyone enjoys it!”

Update 3: FUNimation has also announced via Twitter and their site that they are handling the dub.


Press Release: http://www.funimation.com/blog/?p=2464