According to the schedule on Adult Swim’s website, the 8:00PM EST airing of Dragon Ball Super on Adult Swim is a rerun from last Saturday and the 11:30PM EST airing, that headlines Toonami, is now the premiere slot. Ever since Dragon Ball Super joined Toonami in January, the premiere airing has always been at 8:00PM EST while Toonami got a same-night encore. However, Adult Swim has always promoted the 11:30PM EST airing on Toonami as the premiere and rarely acknowledged the 8:00PM EST airing at all.

No other schedule listings indicate this change and none of the Adult Swim staff have made note of this change so we cannot absolutely confirm this last-minute schedule change. However, if the Adult Swim website schedule is accurate (and it usually is on the day of broadcast) and other TV listings have not been updated to account for the sudden change, then you will want to check your DVRs to ensure they won’t be recording just the 8:00PM EST airing. Some DVRs will only record new episodes and those DVRs in particular, are likely to miss recording the new episode of Dragon Ball Super tonight and record the rerun instead. If your DVR will only record new episodes then hopefully your service allows you to watch the newest Dragon Ball Super episode on-demand after they air.

Of course, the best way to ensure you get to see tonight’s new Dragon Ball Super is to watch it live at 11:30PM EST on Toonami and stick around for the other quality programming that airs after it. We just wanted to give you a heads up in case you either like to record episodes to watch more than once or cannot tune in during the broadcast tonight.