SANTA MONICA, CA (February 6, 2014) – The popular animated TV Series Blue Exorcist will be
making its U.S. network television debut on Adult Swim’s TOONAMI™ on February 22nd. Aniplex of
America originally made the announcement of the premiere on their Live Show this past November.
Specific premiere time on Feb. 22nd will be announced on a later date.

The Blue Exorcist TV Series is based on Kazue Kato’s hit manga published in Jump Square (by
SHUEISHA) and it saw a multi-stream simulcast on websites such as Hulu, Crunchyroll (subtitled
version), and as well as on Neon Alley (English dub version). In response to its worldwide popularity,
the series was also adapted into a film and theatrically released across North America this past August.

Produced by the highly-acclaimed studio A-1 Pictures, (Sword Art Online, Magi: The Labyrinth of
Magic, Oreimo 2) the Blue Exorcist TV Series has gained popularity among its fans for its unique
storyline and characters. Aniplex of America has released the Blue Exorcist TV Series on home video
earlier this year featuring both the original Japanese and English dub which features many popular voice
actors such as Bryce Papenbrook (as Rin Okumura), Johnny Yong Bosch (as Yukio Okumura), and
Christine Marie Cabanos (as Shiemi Moriyama).

About Blue Exorcist
Assiah: the realm of humans. Gehenna: the realm of demons.
Normally, these two dimensions would never intersect, but having possessed all material substances, the
demons are now intruding on the material world. But among the human race, there are those who can
exorcise such demons – the Exorcists.

Based on the manga by Kazue Kato (published on Jump Square by Shueisha), Blue Exorcist
successfully depicts a hero, Rin Okumura, an energetic, yet naïve young man who aims to become the
ultimate exorcist. The manga has been made into animation in the hands of Japan’s acclaimed staff
including director Tensai Okamura (Wolf ’s Rain, Darker Than Black) and Animation Studio A-1 Pictures
(Sword Art Online, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Oreimo 2).

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Original Story: Kazue Kato (published in Jump Square / Shueisha)
Director: Tensai Okamura
Screenplay: Ryota Yamaguchi
Character Design: Keigo Sasaki
Production Design: Tomotaka Shibayama
Art Setting: Yasumitsu Suetake, Satoshi Takahata
Art Director: Masatoshi Kai
Color Setting: Nagisa Abe
SFX Director: Masaharu Okazaki
CG Director: Ryuta Undo
Editing: Masahiro Goto
Music: Hiroyuki Sawano
Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi
Animation Production: A-1 Pictures
Produced by: Blue Exorcist Committee, MBS

CAST (Japanese / English)
Rin Okumura: Nobuhiko Okamoto / Bryce Papenbrook
Yukio Okumura: Jun Fukuyama / Johnny Yong Bosch
Mephisto Pheles: Hiroshi Kamiya / Sam Regal
Shiro Fujimoto: Keiji Fujiwara / Kirk Thornton
Shiemi Moriyama: Kana Hanazawa / Christine Marie Cabanos
Ryuji Suguro: Kazuya Nakai / Kyle Herbert
Renzo Shima: Koji Yusa / Brian Beacock
Konekomaru Miwa: Yuki Kaji / Miki Moran
Izumo Kamiki: Eri Kitamura / Kira Buckland
Kuro: Ayahi Takagaki / Stephanie Sheh
Shura Kirigakure: Rina Sato / Wendee Lee
Igor Noihaus: Ryotaro Okiayu / Patrick Seitz
Amaimon: Tetsuya Kakihara / Darrel Guilbeau

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