Okay okay okay. We had some jokes and it’s time to come clean and set the record straight.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is not coming to Toonami in May, they are not adding a second Dragon Ball Z Kai premiere at 12:30AM and Toonami is not reclaiming 3:30AM. The Jojo promo was made by Kevin (not Caboose). You can see it on his YouTube channel.

We appreciate that our readers (and listeners) have a sense of humor and we hope you enjoyed the promo if nothing else.

Much thanks to Kevin for making the promo and suggesting that I post another fake news post to throw people off and I’d also like to thank Caboose for posting Kevin’s promo to sell the joke a bit more.

We apologize if you were offended by our pranks and we especially apologize to the Toonami crew for the headaches they may have had to deal with because of us.

It’s been fun and with any luck Jojo will end up on Toonami sometime this year following the trend of our April Fool’s pranks somewhat coming true.

-Editor in Chief, Sketch