“Put away your lightsaber Darth,” I say calmly, “he’s co-operating.”

Darth Prefectus sheathed his lightsaber. Shaking his head, he looked at our tied up prisoner and said, “Next time we bring you an idea, P-Money, just agree…the same way you did when we asked you to do Sith Reviews!”

Darth Prefectus then opened The Wormhole and left…

…and that’s how Nerdcore Spotlight was born!

“CUT!” The cleanly-shaved director yelled, “You’re not mad enough fam,” he instructed me in a reserved tone, “If you’re gonna be introducing my song, “Alter Ego”, as your first ever Nerdcore Spotlight track, then you gotta introduce them to your Alter-Ego fam!”

That’s why P-Money met Darth Prefectus.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Darren Columbus, aka TekForce.

TekForce just released his Facebook video for “Alter Ego” which features a montage of self-edited clips of Bruce Banner’s alter ego from Hulk, The Incredible Hulk, and The Avengers. We caught up with Tek and he answered a couple of questions for us!

Now I know what you are thinking. If this guy is comparing his alter-ego to The Hulk are you SURE you want to talk to him? After all, you can’t make him angry…

…you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!

What inspired “Alter Ego”? 
TekForce: As I was creating Tek Support, I wanted to have a broad range of topics that I wanted to cover. Anime, Video Games, things that meant ALOT to me. I didn’t really have anything relating to comic books, and I always wanted to do a song about the Hulk. I was always intrigued by Bruce Banner’s duality, and how that anger represented a part of all of us. How he had the internal struggle to be good, but that uncontrollable desire to just destroy ANYTHING in your way. I was listening to some beats that my homeboy, N9NE, had put together and the one for Alter Ego just stuck out to me. There was something very Marvel, and Superhero about it. Luckily, it inspired me to write that track, and some have told me it’s their favorite on the album.
It is a dope track! Tell us about the video
TekForce: I thought the best way to convey that rage that the Hulk has, was through the movies. Each incarnation moviewise had it’s strength’s and weaknesses but, put together they showcase who this character really is. I took clips from the three movies, and edited them in a way to highlight not only the lyrics, but also the Hulk at his best.
No doubt! Thanks for letting Geek E. put you in the spotlight fam!
Well with no further delay, here it is! TekForce featuring The Hulk in, “Alter Ego”