Jason just had an open forum for Toonami questions. Here’s the rundown if you missed it.

[B]Why Samurai 7?[/B]
[I]Because it’s great. Why not? [/I]

[B]Is FLCL still going to be on the schedule in a few weeks? [/B]
[I]Don’t think so.[/I]

[B]Will Casshern be re-run after it ends, or will we get a new anime to fill the time slot?[/B]
[I]We are going to try not to re-run stuff when we don’t have to. [/I]

[B]My main question is: have the Toonami Faithful come through for you guys in terms of ratings? And has the show been growing? [/B]
[I]We’ve been solid overall. A little better than AS Saturday nights used to do. We’re not going anywhere for a while. [/I]

[B]Any chance #toonami could get the 9PM-12AM slots if ratings stay stable/improve? Current timeslot cuts into sleep real bad. [/B]
[I]Highly doubtful. [/I]

[B]So since your bringing back Samurai 7 will you be bringing back other old animes and why replace Deadman with that. [/B]
[I]We didn’t want reruns, and Samurai 7 is a great show we’ve never aired. [/I]

[B]Is Cowboy Bebop rerunning again after it finishes its current run? [/B]
[I]Likely, yes. [/I]

[B]Any chance Toonami would should none action anime’s like Clannad & K-On? Only half serious about this one[/B]
[I]Nope. [/I]

[B]Any chance of Thundercats moving to #Toonami?[/B]
[I]We are looking at ALL possibilities. [/I]

[B]could it be possible to aquire a few more anime like samurai 7? it would make a huge difference to toonami [/B]
[I]We’re doing everything we can. [/I]

[B]What factors do you consider when making new acquisitions like Deadman Wonderland or Samurai 7?[/B]
[I]Is it a good fit? Is it available? Have we run it before? Will it need an insane amount of edits? How much $$ does it cost?[/I]

[B]Does Neon Alley mean we are less likely to see more of Viz’s anime on Toonami? [/B]
[I]Not particularly, no. [/I]

[B]…are we growing or has the ratings hurt our cause? [/B]
[I]Growing just a bit. [/I]

[B]Are there any shows, or anything that you would like to see personally on #Toonami? [/B]
[I]There are MANY shows I’d like to see on Toonami, both American and Japanese. Too many to list! [/I]

[B]Will we see more series that have already been released on DVD in future? (like Samurai 7) [/B]
[I]Toonami has always done that. and always will. We are mostly concerned with GOOD before NEW. [/I]

[B]Okay since your bringing back Samurai 7 will you be bringing back any others or just that one for this year only [/B]
[I]We are certainly planning on more stuff coming this year if at all possible. [/I]

[B]Why have you not aired (Insert Show I like) on your channel! [/B]
[I]Because we can’t please everyone all the time, and Toonami is not a time machine! hahaha [/I]

[B]Oh, also will we see a new intro for the block soon?[/B]
[I]Not likely. [/I]

[B]Well it has been everywhere and it has been out for years. A person could easily watch it on Netflix. [/B]
[I]The same could be said for almost any anime and definitely anything on Adult Swim. We can’t compete with web availability. [/I]

[B]Ok, is it safe to say you guys are playing a little ‘safe’ in the #toonami line up selection? Too safe= lower ratings… [/B]
[I]I don’t think that’s true at all. [/I]

[B]If Stand Alone Complex reruns its first season, are you gonna alter TOM’s dialogue to have him not say “2nd Gig”? [/B]
[I]Ha! Yes we need to fix that! [/I]

[B]I love it. Next question: Since Deadman Wonderland & Casshern Sins are coming to an end soon, will it be repeating episodes? [/B]
[I]We are trying not to repeat shows where possible. [/I]

[B]How did you find the new voice over announcer Howard Parker? Will we be hearing him promote Samurai 7 soon? 🙂 [/B]
[I]We’ve worked with Howard for years (see the Big O Season 2 promos for example). You’ll hear him promote it soon![/I]

[B]will the best ones be from Funimation, Ganzo, Viz Media etc. [/B]
[I]They’ll be from whomever has a good library and will work with us on a good deal. [/I]

[B]Any chance for Durarara!! or Big O to make return? [/B]
[I]Eventually, probably. But not in the near future.[/I]

[B]Have you been thinking of using some of the classic logos from time to time? [/B]
[I]Probably not. We want to move forward. we may though, you never know! [/I]

[B]What’s the chance on stuff already aired on Toonami/AS before like Trigun or Outlaw Star? [/B]
[I]Those shows are unlikely, although I’d love to see Outlaw Star on again! [/I]

[B]Think we”ll get a wallpaper for that “Toonami’sBack” TOM image on the main website? [/B]
[I]Working on it! [/I]

[B]”Almost” being the key word. You managed to get DMW after it was freshly dubbed and that was a decent success.[/B]
[I]Look, we can’t afford, nor is there enough new anime we like being made to fill the block. That’s not going to be possible[/I]

[B]is SARA coming back? [/B]
[I]We hope to bring her back some day, but it won’t happen for a while, if at all! [/I]

[B]you say you are trying not to repeat shows when possible, could that apply to gits or cb? [/B]
[I]WHERE POSSIBLE= when we can afford it. We own GITS and Bebop will not leave our air any time soon. [/I]

[B]Will Toonami’s block remain 12-3 with new episodes and then reruns for at least the next month? [/B]
[I]Yes. [/I]

[B]Last from me! Why keep GitS SAC? Ratings?[/B]
[I]We own it, we love it. It may rest at some point though. [/I]

[B]Can you encourage showing fan stuff during toonami’s timeslot. I’d love to do a fan animation for you guys ^_^ [/B]
[I]That’s pretty hard in this day and age. We’re trying to think of ways to do that though, promise! [/I]

[B]when or if sara returns will she look similar to what she looked liked in the past or a whole new look? [/B]
[I]I’d want a new look for her. [/I]

[B]While it’s open forum, I dunno how many people ask you thisso I’ll be the 9000th to ask… Any chance for another Toonami Cd? [/B]
[I]Nope but I’m planning on another Black Hole Megamix when I can get around to it? Maybe a Xmas present?[/I]

[B]Any chance for movie nights? Like Bleach 3 or FMA Sacred Star of Milos? [/B]
[I]We may do that but for now it’s not worth the $$$ for one night of content. [/I]

[B]Fair enough! Oh, Champloo? Possible return? Thought that’d be one you guys wouldn’t let go of. [/B]
[I]Love Champloo, so you never know! [/I]

[B]when bleach is over with (which will be awhile) will it get a rerun? [/B]
[I]too soon to tell. [/I]

[B]Any new anime coming to Toonami after Deadman Wonderland finishes? [/B]
[I]Samurai 7! [/I]

[B]Id say for a significant percentage, it’s true. I’ve been a long time fan, so i keep watchin. Just missing shock value is all. [/B]
[I]We’re not interested in “Shock value”.[/I]

[B]What about Gurren Lagann?[/B]
[I]I dig that show. [/I]

[B]So ever thinking about bringing old shows from the weekday and saturday line up from the 90s like S-cry-ed or Yu Yu Hakusho… [/B]
[I]Something we’re considering, of course. [/I]

[B]Any chance Gundam might return? BEI USA closing, it might be harder to get, but I’d love to see Toonami & Gundam back together [/B]
[I]So would I. Gundam is not something we can get right now though. [/I]

[B]Oh man, will there be a Bleach promo? I know a lot of new viewers don’t give care about it, but with it going back to canon..? [/B]
[I]We’re working on that. [/I]

[B]Safe to assume doing edits for swearing isn’t too big an issue for you guys? Given early episodes of Deadman…[/B]
[I]Nope, not too big of an issue. [/I]

[B]any chances of a non-anime series coming to #Toonami in the future? [/B]
[I]Chances? Yes. I want to have some non-anime on so if we can make that happen we will. [/I]

[B]Have you ever had a interview with one of the VO’s talking about the show? [/B]
[I]No, we’ve never done that. [/I]

[B]Any chance for the aspect ratios of shows to be fixed? Like FMA or GitS? [/B]
[I]That’s not on us. That’s something the distributors would have to deal with, up to them to decide if it’s worth the expenditure.[/I]

[B]Do you plan on licensing any more long running shonen series for Toonami, like bleach. [/B]
[I]Of course we are hoping to to do that, yes. We’ll see.[/I]

[B]ok also if we miss watching #Toonami live, does watching it on dvr and adult swim gold also count for ratings? [/B]
[I]That all counts, yes. [/I]

[B]I do not know if you have answered this yet, but the way Toonami’s ratings are are you concerned that it could be canceled? [/B]
[I]I’m ALWAYS concerned. But we’re good for a while, unless things get markedly worse. [/I]

[B]Any chance of doing music videos again?[/B]
[I]You mean like a night of them? Probably not.[/I]

[B]You ever get amused by the stuff #toonami fans say on twitter? Like Casshern = Casshew jokes, etc…? [/B]
[I]Often! [/I]

[B]Samurai 7 is a bit older. Will you guys be pursuing older shows for the time being? Also, will it be in HD? [/B]
[I]It’ll be HD. And mostly older shows, yes. [/I]

[B]Is Toonami doing well enough to get more shows in the future or is it too soon to tell? #toonami[/B]
[I]Too soon to tell. [/I]

[B]Any chance of something like Naruto Shippuden or Fairy Tale ever being on Toonami? [/B]
[I]EVER? Yes. SOON? No. [/I]

[B]Is setting up an official live stream too difficult/expensive for now? [/B]
[I]Yes. [/I]

[B]Can we always trust the Adult Swim schedule like that one time it saiD FLCL will be on this saturday. [/B]
[I]No, you can’t. We change our minds sometimes.[/I]

[B]sailor moon ? Money or own by someonelse I assume ? Or shugo chara it’s new and like it. Or is it too girly? [/B]
[I]It’s had it’s day. I’ll always love it but that one is a little *too* old, I think. [/I]

[B]Batman vs Superman. Who wins? Go! [/B]
[I]Always Batman.[/I]

[B]Also, will #DeadmanWonderland get a second run? It seems to be off the schedule. [/B]
[I]Probably not. [/I]

[B][Sailor Moon] is getting a new series. [/B]
[I]Yeah I heard. We’ll see how that one turns out. [/I]

[B]By “own” do you mean you basically have perpetual rights to air GitS:SAC, and it won’t expire? Is it the same for Bebop? [/B]
[I]I DO mean that with GiTS. Not the same for Bebop. [/I]

[B]Ok, real question time. Are you guys gonna continue using the ’04 bumps for the foreseeable future? [/B]
[I]You mean that look? Yes. [/I]

[B]Will you guys be accepting fan made music in the future for #Toonami ? [/B]
[I]Probably not. But if anyone has music to send me, do it, and I promise I’ll try to give it a listen. [/I]

[B]did the Previous AS ratings just carry over when it became Toonami, or did they improve at all? [/B]
[I]They improved a bit. [/I]