the hearts ep second cover

Yet again we at Geek-E Inc. Productions get the honor of reviewing another Jargon album. This album titled “The Hearts EP” takes a look at our Muay Thai warrior lyricist on a softer side than his other albums. Jargon is pouring his heart out and talking about relationships based on Kingdom of Hearts 1 Sora, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet not to mention Jargon talks about his own personal experiences which I know a lot of us who have ever been in love know about the pains of loving someone to the depths of our soul that it hurts when we break up or have to depart from them.

The Hearts EP takes you on a feels roller coaster with solid 808s and smooth bass lines with some infusion of J-Pop being highlighted as you will hear in the album this EP is definitely a project Jargon was more than ready to take on. The same way Jay Z said he won’t cry but he’ll “let this song cry.” Our man Jargon did the same thing and as always delivered when he dropped this album. One of the best tracks on the album is “Simple and Clean Sometimes” this was definitely an unique spin on with the mix of the original “Simple and Clean” by Utada Hikaru. Now we all know Jargon as having a tough exterior when it comes to him spitting verses on his album, so I never expected to Jargon to switch up his style in this manner and bring the fire like he did with his tracks Twilight in Purgatory and Hikari. No matter what this lyricist continues to stay true to his hip/hop roots though I have to say Twilight and Hikari had a Drake type feel to it but way better because we know Jargon is not always in his feelings and actually coming from a genuine place with his music.

This is definitely a solid album and though it is not the usual route Jargon takes with his music and there is definitely room for improvement, but this album is not a disappointment, so this one gets an 8 out of 10 in this Geek-E review. You can hear his whole album below or by clicking here. Be sure to follow him there as well.

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