Well here we are once again friends for another month of Toonami question and answers!  While you can find all of the questions and answers we list in this post on, we are going to provide you help and list out the questions and answers that actually have new information and tidbits that readers might want to know…so without further ado, time for some answers!

First off,  was last nights Toonami intro teasing Sara getting a body?
Anonymous Asked: TOM 5 said on the Toonami intro that SARA might not be in her current form soon enough. Will there be a body created for SARA soon?

Toonami Staff Said: No immediate plans. The future holds infinite possibilities.

How does one create Tom 5,Sara and The Absolution?

hypeathon Asked: Hey Toonami crew, I wanted to ask something that may have not been asked before. When it comes to the 3D visuals of the block that viewers wind up seeing, from the TOM and Sara to the Clydes and the Absolution, what kind of software do you use? I’m thinking it’s Maya since that’s the go-to professional 3D software I keep hearing, but I’d rather ask you guys anyway to be sure. Also how long does it take to animate a new gesture for TOM, like hand movements or the way he enters the control room?

Toonami Staff Said:We’ve used Maya, Renderman, and a host of other programs to animate TOM/Sara over the years!

Why No Wii U Reviews?

Anonymous Asked: Are you guys going to be reviewing a Wii U game?

Toonami Staff Said: Haven’t found a great way to capture the footage and make it look good. Hopefully in the future.
mendinso Asked: Not so much a question, but the Wii U supports the same component cables the Wii has, so that might be worth looking into if you’re recording how I think you guys are.

Toonami Staff Said: It’s more the multiple screens aspect than anything else.

Are We Any Closer To Seeing Naruto Shippuden On Toonami?
Janfeyen Asked: Here’s a question, is the situation any different for Naruto Shippuden?

Toonami Staff Said: Not sure what you mean? Are you asking has it changed and is available like One piece? If that’s what you’re asking,

On The Subject Of licensing..
Anonymous Asked: Considering Bandai Entertainment has shut down, and Cowboy Bebop was licensed by that company, when the time comes to renew the rights, will you have to let it go? Or is it more complicated than that?

Toonami Staff said: More complicated than that. We’re not smart enough to explain it all. But we have some smarties looking out for us.
Will FLCL Be Airing On Toonami Soon?
janfeyen Asked: FLCL is still coming back right?!
Toonami Staff Said: Yes. No definitive date. But it is coming. Prepare yourselves.
Will we ever see Miyazaki movies on Toonami for a movie night?
letzzbeimmortal Asked: will you guys ever plan, think or like to do Month of Miyazaki again.

Toonami Staff Said: We ARE hoping to air movies. Miyazaki movies might be a little harder to work out.

Will we be seeing anymore Evangellion Movies On Toonami soon?
Anonymous Asked: do you guys plan on airing the other evangelion rebuild movies when they come out?

Toonami Staff Said: We’re hoping for more movies in the future. Stay tuned for more details

Why does Toonami air “Filler Episodes?”
Anonymous Asked: Okay, so is it understood then that one of the big reasons filler is so dreaded is because the show usually returns to the manga and renders all of those non manga events into non-canon pointlessness?

Toonami Staff Said: What is “pointless?” When something happens in an episode of Bonanza, and the next week those events aren’t specifically referenced, does that mean that episode was “pointless” or “non-canon?” No, it doesn’t. TV is not comics. Every single thing does not have to build on every other thing. This is accepted thinking created by hardcore otaku and we utterly reject it.

Did Toonami help fund the second season of Ghost In The Shell?
Jeargumedo Asked: Maybe you can clear this up for me. I’ve been told that [as] produced the second season of Ghost In The Shell, but I don’t see Williams Street or Turner listed anywhere in the production committee. Is this true or is my leg being pulled?

Toonami Staff Said: Adult Swim helped fund both Seasons of GITS but did not “produce” the show. They just helped paid for it as a production partner.

Will IGPX air a second run on Toonami?
jeargumedo Asked: Will IGPX get a second run or will you lose the rights after this run?

Toonami Staff Said: We should be able to run it for the forseeable future.

Is The Toonami Staff worried about the incest in Sword Art Online?
Anonymous Asked: Do you have any concerns about the incest subplot in Sword Art Online?
Toonami Staff Said: Not particularly, no.
How about that mystery show?
nuckles87 Asked: Is this “mystery show” you guys have been talking about coming this year? What with another slot opening up and all…

Toonami Staff Said: People are making a bigger deal out of that then they should. We are always trying to get shows, some we do and some we don’t. We have surprises coming though!

When are we getting Toonami Wallpapers?
anination Asked: When can we expect to see those wallpapers you guys were working on?

Toonami Staff Said: We know, we know. Hopefully soon!

Which of the Toonami Staff Watches Bleach frequently?
toonfaithful53 Asked: Jason mentioned on the One Piece Podcast that there is typically a person who watches all of a show, so my question is, whos the “Bleach Guy”?

Toonami Staff Said: Sara.

What are the plans for when Bleach ends?
Anonymous Asked: I know you probably get this a lot (and I have seen a few of the answers, so I will be short); Bleach is nearing the end and it is mostly fillers after the current arc. Do you think you will pull a DBZ and just restart it from the beginning? As a fan of the show I wouldn’t really mind that really.

Toonami Staff Said: We’re not sure what will happen with Bleach, yet!

Does the Tooanmi staff ever look at fan made Toonami intros and bumps?

Anonymous Asked: I know you probably get this a lot (and I have seen a few of the answers, so I will be short); Bleach is nearing the end and it is mostly fillers after the current arc. Do you think you will pull a DBZ and just restart it from the beginning? As a fan of the show I wouldn’t really mind that really.

Toonami Staff Said: We’re not sure what will happen with Bleach, yet!

Is Jason really going to make a IGPX mixtape?

Toonfaithful53 Asked: Is Jason /really/ considering an IGPX mixtape?! I would seriously love that and i know alot of other people would too. Please do it!

Toonami Staff Said: He MIGGGHT BE…..

What has been the hardest show to air on [Adult Swim] Toonami?

Anonymous Asked: Hey Toonami crew! If you don’t mind me asking, what was the hardest show (pre or post 2012) to acquire for Toonami?

Toonami Staff Said:IGPX

New Bleach Promo Incoming?

Anonymous Asked: Do you think it would be possible for you guys to make a bleach promo showcasing the final battle between Ichigo and Aizen? It would be a nice change of pace for Toonami

Toonami Staff Said: Hm good idea

Since some were predicting Megas XLR was the mystery show…

Anonymous Asked: Will Megas XLR make a return?

Toonami Staff Said: No, sorry.

Will Eureka 7 Be Getting a Second Run On Toonami?

Anonymous Asked: Why is eureka seven not getting a second run? I really like that show

Toonami Staff Said: We lose the rights after the current run, sorry. Be happy you got to enjoy it on it’s Toonami run, we are!

Pacific Rim P.I.E Incoming?

Anonymous Asked: Are you gonna do more paid events like the one for Oblivion? I’d love to see one for Pacific Rim (CHICKS! DIG GIANT ROBOTS!!! Nice!)

Toonami Staff Said: mmmmmaaaaybe!

Will Attack On Titan Hit Toonami?

Jchill001 Asked: what are the chances of getting attack on titan when that gets dubbed?

Toonami Staff Said: Let’s see how the show closes itself out before we worry about that. 🙂

What ever happened to the upcoming Toonami comic?

Anonymous Asked: Hey, how are the comics coming along that explain TOM 4, Sara’s absence, etc coming along????

Toonami Staff: The comic is coming along. But we’ll be honest, it’s going very, very slowly. So it won’t be ready any time soon. It’s gotta be right!

Where can a Toonami fan watch Big O season 1 before seeing season 2 on Toonami in July?
Anonymous Asked: Since the Big O season two is starting up; will there be an official avenue that we can watch the original series? Or do we have your blessing to go through unofficial channels to watch it since it is nearly impossible to find legally? It is a lot like IGPX before you worked your miracle!

Toonami Staff Said: Youtube has all of Season One…

Will ThunderCats continue streaming after it leaves Toonami?
Anonymous Asked: Will Thundercats continue streaming even though the rights are expiring? I remember you guys said that the rights to Durarara!! expired, but it’s still streaming.

Toonami Staff Said: We have no idea, sorry. That’s not our department.

Any updates on the Clydes?
Anonymous Asked: With SARA back will it also be possible that we may see the clydes return too? 🙂

Toonami Staff Said: It’s possible…maybe….

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