By ChristopherSoul

So on this past episode of the podcast, it was incorrectly stated SARA had only done three reviews including “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.” This is only off by one review but before I get to that, let’s go down the list.

Number one is the obvious one everyone thinks of and remembers; the Xbox version of “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.”

Notably from what Jason DeMarco himself had said, the whole dynamic of that review was that Jason
himself had played and enjoyed the game, while Gill didn’t really care for it. And thus years later, we can joke that like most people TOM is just a Oblivion and Skyrim fanboy.

The second review had shoved TOM out altogether allowing for SARA to review a game by herself this time, with no comments from the “gallery.” It was of a Japanese strategy RPG, with the gameplay based around a card game with a female protagonist set in a magical fantasy realm called “Lost Kingdoms” on the Nintendo GameCube.

I guess the obvious slow nature of the game would’ve turned TOM off I guess? Heh, it’d be quite interesting if there was story behind this game as well. Ironically, SARA gave it low score of “6 out of 10”, one Toonami’s lowest scores that I, myself can remember. Guess it’s mediocre at best because I had never heard of it outside of Toonami and was overshadowed by another fantasy card game based JRPG on the GameCube called “Baten Kaitos.”

Now the third review SARA solo reviewed was the PS2 classic on rails, hyperactive music rhythm shooter, “REZ.”

Sadly this was the last game SARA reviewed during the Cartoon Network era, but a notable fun fact is that when she asks if the game’s plot of a virus invading a mainframe of a computer “sounds familiar?” The clip on the upper left shown is of Swayzak, the villain from the third and last T.I.E. (Total Immersion Event), “Trapped in Hyperspace.” Otherwise, while YES, the PS2 version is INSANELY hard to track down now, if you have a 360, you can pick up the XBLA HD version. (Still hoping for a PSN release someday.)

So, of course lastly, we just had the “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” review this past weekend, unto which SARA was just “featured” in the review, not so much a part of it.  So, hopefully going into the future, we can see SARA review many more games herself, spicing things up from the norm of just TOM reviewing things. What? Girls don’t play games? Psh, try telling that to Dana herself!