This morning, Beware The Batman’s July airdate schedule was revealed by The World’s Finest, where it was shown to be  moving up by one hour in it’s time slot and moving the two shows before it down by one slot. It was also shown on World’s Finest that on July 26 it would move up and even more and take One Piece’s time slot. Jason Demarco(the co-creator of Toonami) went on Twitter to confirm that the air dates were wrong, but that a time slot for Beware The Batman was coming.

After doing rumor control for the schedule The World’s Finest posted, he gave them the tip that Beware The Batman will be switching time slots  with Black Lagoon on July 26th. As many of you know, Black Lagoon airs right before Beware The Batman and is currently in it’s second season.

One last thing to note is that July 26th is when never before seen episodes of Beware The Batman begin airing on the same date, so it’s safe to assume that this schedule change was done due to that and not because of Black Lagoon’s ratings(though that could have been a factor also.)

Now that everyone knows the news, we have to ask, what are your thoughts on the schedule change? Are you excited Beware The Batman is moving up in it’s time slot as new episodes premiere? Are you upset that Black Lagoon has moved down by 30 minutes? Tell us below in the comments! Also be sure to stay tuned for more updates on Toonami by continuing to follow our site and also follow @ToonamiNews for news as soon as it comes.