Straight out of Grand Rapids we have a talented rapper by the name of Aramis who sends you on a trip aboard the nostalgia train with his new album “Hidden Agenda.” Aramis weaves an intricate story with his music and makes you hungry to listen to more. His style reminds me of old school hip hop with some new school flavor added into it to make the stew of lyrics and beats that he’s putting out that much tastier. So much could be said, but the way Aramis utilizes strings, elements of soul, funk, percussion, and some of that R&B is why some of us are here now. On a serious note, Aramis’ style can be compared to mixtures of Nujabes, A Tribe called Quest, Busta Rhymes, and De la soul while still being able to maintain his original style that is unique to him. This album is pretty laid back and chill so it’s great for riding out, but I can see it being played in the clubs as well. There is so much soul in this album that it was a complete eargasm and Aramis is definitely a beast on the M-I-C with the timing and rhyming that is just so right with no fillers or trying to sell you on what it’s actually supposed to be.

This is a nerdcore album worth listening to because you can tell a lot of passion went into it and its very refreshing to listen to an album like this considering how mainstream hip hop and rap have fell off to being so manufactured and having a like bubble gum flavor of the month to it so its good to hear something that is cleaning to the palate. I could definitely relate to the song “Snakes” because let’s face it we have all dealt with them and probably still do. It’s just a matter of time before the snakes bear their fangs and that was really conveyed in that track. I have to say that my favorite track is “Lazy Saturday” because of that old school R&B feel. There’s nothing like some calming music to soothe the savage beast in all of us, though this track is definitely a ride out classic that is meant to be blasted until you break every noise ordinance in the state. The only drawback to Hidden Agenda would be that I need more tracks because it’s a pleasure listening to the album so thank God for repeat though lol. This album is definitely worth checking out and that’s why it gets a 9 out of 10 from Geek-E. Seriously, quit reading and go get this album now you are missing out!

Be sure to pick up Hidden Agenda starting January 20, 2016 on iTunes and Bandcamp. You can hear one of the songs off the album below.

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