Just when you think SkyBlew has outdone himself, he comes back yet again and surprises you. This time his new CD The Cowardly Boy SkyBlew shows just why he is meant for greatness. From the first to last track, this is nothing but the SkyBlew experience we know and love and done only as he can do it.

The feel of this album has those jazzy undertones that I love from this dude. He also incorporates some R&B mixes, great percussion riffs, piano, strings and instrumentals that are masterfully used to bring this album to life in ways that Dr. Frankenstein could have never dreamed up. The bars that Sky spits are monstrous, but they still touch to the very depths of your soul to the point that it breaks your heart because of the subject matter.

It reminded me how Public Enemy came onto the scene with their hit Fight the Power. With SkyBlew’s sound, it’s more of a mello, laid back message being conveyed about the social issues we face in today’s society of police brutality against African-Americans, racism and the great divide we face with the refusal to acknowledge the injustices faced by people of color in this country.

But as always, besides touching on the real issues, Sky still brings the love and positivity he conveys on all his albums. It’s just how he rolls. Two songs that caught my attention were Night of the Wearmole which really impressed me and Revenge of the Chicken from Outerspace which reminded me of listening to Frankie Beverly and Maze. Both songs show SkyBlew’s version of hip hop infusion with that soulful r&b touch to bring it over the top.

We at Geek-E Inc. Productions give this album a solid 10 out of 10. Sky you seriously earned this one from us now people get out there and support this album, this is something definitely worth listening to.

You can hear and purchase SkyBlew’s new album below by using the player. You can follow SkyBlew on Twitter a @HeySkyBlew and like him on Facebook by clicking here.

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