Sometimes you come across an album that makes you bob your head from the first track. NES3 pretty much does that. It’s like getting hit by an Ali quick jab and a follow up with an over hand right, that rings the bell of your auditory system in a good way “Down goes Frazier!”

1UP definitely brings an unique style that is different from any other emcee I have heard out there. This album gives you the feeling of being transported into your favorite video game after beating it and there’s an after party in your honor for your accomplishment. 1UP is lyrically smooth with his bars and the arrangements are masterful to say the least. The use of riffs, snares, and a few 808 bass lines and the sampling that was incorporated into the music was pure genius.

In the mainstream rap that we hear today, there’s just a bunch of artist who call the music they make creative when we all know it’s just a bunch of mumbling covered up by a beat that’s catchy. We all know that’s pure garbage, but when you come across artist like 1UP we know he’s the real deal and to be honest that is why the rap game in the mainstream has become so destabilize and only a hand full of real emcees in the new generation are even worthy of being called talented. Thank goodness in the nerdcore genre we have real artists who still recognize the 4 elements of hip hop and like mad scientist they use their own alchemic rhythms to make good music.

Job well done 1UP! I listened to the first track Soul Calibur and was blown away with it and it had a cavalcade of talented artist on that collaboration such as Richie Branson, Mega Ran, C0splay, Lex Lingo and Shubzilla round out the balance and destroyed that track like Godzilla did Tokyo in those old kaiju films. It really doesn’t get any better than that but also my favorite track on this album would have to be The Power’s Only Found Within The Stone featuring Kadesh Flow, Lex Lingo and Sir J, they went complete King Golion beastmode on this track.

So that’s why it gets a solid 9 out of 10 from Geek-E Inc. Productions. Sometimes the rap universe serves you up a slice of piping hot tracks that your ears eagerly consume.

You can hear and purchase 1-UP’s new album below by using the player. You can follow 1-Up on Twitter @1UPHipHop and like him on Facebook by clicking here.

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