On the Toonami Tumblr this morning, Toonami decided that waiting for Saturday was dumb and that since your family is all together on this blessed day, that you could show them a promo for a critically-acclaimed movie made in-house by the talented artists at Williams Street.

We’ve known Akira was coming for a little while as a part of the month of movies Toonami is doing this December. It airs next weekend, and to hype you up, they’ve brought out, in my humble opinion, one of, if not the, best promos that Williams Street has ever produced. This full length trailer pulls out all the stops, and is also very different from the normal Toonami promotions. No music from the various labels they use in this trailer, it’s all directly lifted from the movie’s soundtrack. While that isn’t unusual for Williams Street (i.e. Cowboy Bebop, Ghost In The Shell) it still is a surprisingly effective tour-de-force attack on the senses (Have I used enough critic clichés yet?). Even by Jason DeMarco’s own admission it ” Might be in our top 5 of all time…” of their own promos.
The trailer can be found below.


Tell us what you think, and let us know, what’s your favorite promo that Toonami has done?