marathonstreams has converted the Toonami Pre-Flight 24/7 stream into a Toonami marathon stream featuring marathons of Toonami shows along with airings of Toonami Pre-Flight. According to the schedule Toonami Pre-Flight is supposed to repeat every day around 5PM EST / 4PM CST / 2PM PST and following that will be a marathon of one of the Toonami series. According to Jason DeMarco the marathons will last about 3 hours. The current Attack on Titan marathon ran for 8 episodes which did last approximately 3 hours. The latest episode of Toonami Pre-Flight will repeat between each airing of the marathon. This will repeat several times a day but will get cut mid-stream so that Toonami Pre-Flight will always air around 5PM EST / 4PM CST / 2PM PST.

New episodes of Toonami Pre-Flight will continue to premiere every Tuesday at 5PM EST / 4PM CST / 2PM PST and repeat throughout the week but they will no longer repeat non-stop until the next episode. It is not as convenient to catch Pre-Flight whenever you want now but the trade-off is marathons of the Toonami programming that do not require viewers to login with their television provider. These streams are completely free but they are region locked to the United States.

As of right now, the marathon is the first 8 episodes of Attack on Titan. The schedule indicates it will be that Attack on Titan marathon every day until at least Tuesday but we will keep you posted on changes as they occur.

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