Rainmaker Creates a #BringBackReboot Page

By Paul Pescrillo


Yesterday, ToonamiFaithful.com got word that a site called Bring Back Reboot was up and running. As always, we like to confirm these things, so we sent an email to the people at Rainmaker Entertainment (formerly Mainframe Entertainment Inc.) just to make sure that this was real.

We can now confirm that this page is an official page for Rainmaker Entertainment meaning the movement to #BringBackReboot has official begun. For those of you that don’t know what we are talking about, here is the site that was launched by Rainmaker: www.bringbackreboot.com. An official statement will be coming next week and we will post it here at ToonamiFaithful.com once we have received it from the company.

You can also follow BringBackReBoot(twitter) and like BringBackReBoot(Facebook) create by Daniel (@zerogamer on Twitter) for all the latest news.

What do you guys think of the news? Comment below and also let us know if you would want to see Reboot back on Toonami again?

  • SkinnerEva .

    To be honest, lets not and say we did. I don’t think the show has a chance anyways, because like Jason DeMarco said, they’re not looking for old former Toonami titles, they’re looking for newer shows that have yet to air on the block. Shows not HD tend to drive viewership down anyways, Naruto being the exception to this rule. I hate to say to Reboot fans, but the show just looks like @$$ now, Reboot only makes sense on Toonami if you have your nostalgia glasses on at max.

    • dragonzord1993

      Same thing goes for Dragon Ball Z, but you won’t see people shut up about it any time soon, now will you?

      • SkinnerEva .

        No you won’t, I’m not a fan of either show. Though if I had to pick I’d prefer Dragonball, there’s still enough people supporting that franchise for its multiple releases Funimation has given it. Reboot on the other hand is like Speed Racer, it was great for its time, but isn’t going to set the world on fire again.

        • dragonzord1993

          If that’s the case, then Reboot was apparently good enough to warrant its creator (Mainframe Entertainment) pretty much coming back from the dead and rallying up support for a revival (which might just be a new show, like the Sailor Moon reboot).

          In fact, Reboot probably has more of a chance than Dragon Ball, seeing as how the airing rights to it aren’t owned by a rival company (the airing rights to Dragon Ball are currently owned by Nicktoons, who aren’t showing signs of giving them up), at least not that I know of.

          • SkinnerEva .

            If its a Reboot to “Reboot” then I’d be a lot more interested. I think I might have read that article wrong. I’m not asking for Star Wars the Clone Wars quality animation, I could settle for something simple like Code Lyoko’s CGI or whatever the Stormhawks show aired on CN a long while ago. I just don’t want the original Reboot. But if its a new 16:9 HD show sure lets give it a shot! :D

          • Zero

            It mostly be a ReBoot of ReBoot, but they probably mostly solve the clafhnager first then reboot it.

    • NonHyped

      I would want to agree, but because I want to see Irresponsible Captian Tylor on Toonami. I won’t give up just yet. This is a show that hasn’t appeared yet on toonami, but is a classic comedy/drama and it’s the good kind that would great on American TV I advise you look at the first episode. I think it would work as a classic in the back time after 230am.

  • Victor Da Silva

    If you are as happy as I am then reboot could return on Toonami next year. :D

  • Mary Elizabeth Engstrom

    I love ReBoot! I don`t watch tv but if it was on I`d actually sit down and watch it.

  • jon

    reboot doesnt deserve a spot on Toonami. A new to CN anime would be a much better fit. Plus the first season of reboot was lame.

    • dragonzord1993

      We already have enough anime on Toonami. Another western show like Reboot would fit a much better.

      And last I checked, you’re no one to judge whether or not Reboot deserves a spot on Toonami.

      • Mary Elizabeth Engstrom

        I agree. Not everyone who likes animation is a weeaboo. I enjoy anime and western animation. Really doesn’t matter where it’s coming from as long as it’s a decent show. Besides it’s nice to see Canadian shows do well.

    • SayWhat

      You may not be aware of the original lineup for Toonami. It started out with Thundercats, Voltron Lions and Johnny Quest. The common theme for those shows were that they were action/adventure, not anime.

    • Mary Elizabeth Engstrom

      Go away troll. Lots of people love ReBoot.