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This Week From Toonami

Editor-in-Chief CJ Maffris along side Director of Social Media Celia Rose break down a busy week from Toonami and other Toonami related content of the week of 6/7/21-6/13/21

Review: Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan

In the United States, fans of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are always hungry for new content. Toonami is even all caught up on...

Developing News: Blade Runner: Black Lotus to Air in Canada this Fall

Recently, a press release Corus Communications (the company that runs Adult Swim in Canada), was released and in it were all kinds...

Breaking News: Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon to Join Toonami on June 26

Get ready to spend the summer with the Inuyasha sequel series!
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Toonami Ratings For May 29th, 2021

Note: Showbuzz Daily has officially shut down due to the previously mentioned site crash. Check out my previous piece for more...

This Week From Toonami

Editor-in-Chief CJ Maffris alongside Director of Social Media Celia Rose take an in-depth look at all things relating to Toonami for the week of 5/31/21-6/6/21
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The Future Of Ratings

Toonami Faithful Ratings stat checker Colt Buhr, has an update for those who have been wondering where the Ratings posts have been as of late.

Fire Forged Faith

What is faith? Belief in the unknown? Or a miserable pile of secrets? References aside, it is a question that we as...

This Week From Toonami

Editor-in-Chief CJ Maffris along side Director of Social Media Celia Rose bring you all the information you need to know about Toonami and Toonami related content for the week of 5/22/21-5/30/21

Thank You, Kentaro Miura

When anyone thinks of modern gothic horror and fantasy, you inevitably encounter ideas shaped and influenced by Kentaro Miura--creator of Berserk. From...

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