Toonami Ratings: June 8th 2013

By AnbuKaru

Time Slot Show Slot Rating Slot
12:00a Bleach 1,405,000
12:30a Naruto 1,336,000
1:00a One Piece 1,127,000
1:30a Soul Eater 1,056,000
2:00a IGPX 985,000
2:30a Eureka 7 869,000
3:00a Thundercats 812,000
3:30a Sym-Bionic Titan 874,000
4:00a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 886,000
4:30a Cowboy Bebop 836,000
5:00a Inuyasha 914,000
5:30a Inuyasha 866,000

Stay tuned for our ratings roundtable with Sketch and AmbientVirus.

  • R8i7 D66a

    Damn. Looking good.

    • NonHyped

      Holy $%#@ Sorry for my language; this I did not expect forreal. Keep this up I think I’m going to say this; lets stretch it to 2 million I think it’s possible. Pass the word softly One Piece is back in the United States and here to stay. Great Work everybody :)

  • Rayshawn

    Beautiful :’)

  • Anime action

    Dammm way better omg !!! 4 million o.o

  • Sketch

    Whoop there it is. Quad million and IGPX almost broke 1 million itself but holy crap look at those post 2:30 numbers nothing below 800,000 and InuYasha broke 900,000. That’s incredible. But for the heck of it I’ll mention Turner PR said the first four shows won key demos but that should be obvious.

  • MegaTop Ranks

    thundercats and symbionic were the 2 worst, maybe toonami should take the hint, when eurea seven ends, put that at 3 and just run two episodes a night (with sword art at 2.30)

    • JayKEllz

      I don’t know how Titan was the worse. The viewers jumped up from Thundercats to 874 which is more than what Eureka, Thundercats, Bebop and the second showing of Inuyasha did

    • John Ramirez

      SAO won’t be at 2:30. They’d probably put it at 1:30 since its NEW.

  • John Ramirez

    Woah 914,000 at 5am.

  • Sketch

    I never thought I’d see a night where ThunderCats did the worst but I like seeing Sym-Bionic Titan beat it.

  • Ronald May

    These ratings have broken my scouter!

  • FinchoMatic

    This is what I’m talking about. What a improvement from last week.

  • Brevin Secretzfan


    OMG Inuyasha… how did this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One Piece finally takes the goal with Soul Eater toooo *Nedgasm*

  • Jeo Leo

    LOL… Thundershats costs us 120k views.. Get rid of it.

    • Brevin Secretzfan



    GREAT RATINGS!!!!! keep it up like this toonami faithful

  • dragonzord1993

    Finally, we’re getting somewhere. I was starting to think that One Piece was dragging us down… and then we hit the goddamn jackpot.

    Also, to the people who’re saying “take ThunderCats and Titan off, LOL”, shut up. ThunderCats was doing excellent when it wasn’t in reruns like it is now, and Sym-Bionic Titan was no slouch either. Also, unless Toonami has managed to get another one in the meantime, they’re the only american cartoons on the block right now. We might as well keep them for the sake of variety.

    • NonHyped

      One Piece dragging us down? no wayyyyyyy leave it to FUNimation to the great work and give recognition to what One Piece needed after leaving such an embarrassing mark in the last time it was in the United States. Things will get better Pass the word softly I think we can break two million somewhere.

      • thesagebeast

        nope not possible for one piece

        • NonHyped

          You will see I know it’s possible a little word out person to person and with twitter trending. Outtrended Kanye West and SNL Saturday/Sunday on twitter opening day. It can happen we can get two million I’m staying positive on this.

          • thesagebeast

            dont matter alot of people dont like it

          • NonHyped

            maybe or maybe not; anything is possible these days.

  • thesagebeast

    IDK lets see if this will keep up

  • Anderson Sanpai