Sadly for Toonami fans, there was little news on what will come to the block after the special crossover episode of One Piece premieres. Many are eyeing that March 11 schedule, curious about what Toonami will look like as we are wondering what two series should call Toonami their home. Besides what’s going on with the block, there were a few news items involving Toonami-related series leaving this edition of This Week From Toonami to be a tad shorter than we would like. But that means it will be a quick read, right? So now you have no excuse not to check out all the news we want to bring for you!

A new trailer debuted this week for the upcoming final (?) season of Attack on TitanDuring a live stream, fans could check out the 90-second video and find out that SIM will return to perform the opening titled “Under the Tree.” So far as we know, the first part of the final will be a one-hour special that airs on March 3, with the second half premiering later in the year. Many Toonami fans are already penciling in this last season to premiere on the block, and many wonder if this one-hour special will find its way to Adult Swim with the debut coming quickly. 

The new Demon Slayer theatrical event, the special screening of the Swordsmith Village Arcdropped from the number one spot at the Japanese box office, sliding to the second spot. It is surprising, considering how popular the title is and the fact the slide happened on its third weekend but considering that this isn’t a full-length film, it was bound to happen sooner than later. Still, anything Demon Slayer seems to turn to gold with how regarded it has become, and we cannot wait for more fans worldwide to check out the special event when they can in their areas!

During PlayStation’s State of Play, Bandai Namco announced the Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections game for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, launching later this year. The game will connect the four Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games into one, giving fans an ultimate collection with hours upon hours of fun planned. In addition to 124 characters from previous games, the new game will include new playable ninjas, Ashura and Indra. And if you are curious, the game will be dubbed in English, as evident in the trailer below. It should be a fun time for players to play as their favorite shinobi and a massive get for anyone who loves Naruto

In sad news, fans have learned some troubling news involving the creator of the Prince of Tennis, Takeshi Konomi. He has been in poor health throughout 2022, and we now know the extent of that, with him revealing on Twitter that he cannot walk and has to use a wheelchair now to get around. The cast and crew of the Prince of Tennis sent him a video of encouragement during this troubling time. We at Toonami Faithful wish the best for Konomi and hope he can recover from being more comfortable and not have to deal with all the struggles that poor health can bring.

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