Welcome Toonami Faithful readers to the newest installment of This Week From Toonami. After taking a two-week holiday break, we are back to providing you with all the information you’ll want to know about the week for the block. And we don’t think many expected Toonami to deal with fan art controversy so early, primarily due to the content that made it on the broadcast. We will have it covered, but what else should fans be aware of for things related to the block? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

This Saturday, Toonami aired a spot showcasing fan art submitted by fans like that have been doing recently. However, something seemed wrong as a piece of artwork submitted of Nami from One Piece felt a bit off from what Toonami would usually spotlight. Fans became aware that the work in question was stolen, behind a paywall no less, by an artist named Nikutsuki, known to draw fetish art of anime characters (NSFW). The person who submitted the piece (Paul Mantell was the name provided) is a known entity or alias of someone who steals art and shares (when gathering information from the Twitter thread). Paul Pescrillo contacted Jason DeMarco, and Gill Austin about the stolen work, with DeMarco releasing a statement saying that the fan art submission session will no longer be aired on the network and will be taking down the latest video in question (still waiting on YouTube to take it down). Due to the small staff at Toonami, they can’t vet every submission, so sadly, things like this can happen. Thankfully, Toonami will try to do right and take down the video and hopefully sends a message that stealing art is not okay. 

Due to the two-week absence, there were a few pieces of news we didn’t cover like we usually do for This Week From Toonami. While we can’t go back and look for every news article that Toonami fans might find interesting, we compiled the ones we thought would be fun to highlight for this catch-up edition.

All good things come to an end as One Piece Film Red will finish its theatrical Run in Japan on Jan. 29, which was announced on their official YouTube channel. The film has been a juggernaut at the box office, so seeing this reign end is remarkable at the sheer popularity and profit it has earned through 2022. Hopefully, it was a huge bright spot for fans in 2022, and we couldn’t be happier at the prospect that One Piece Film Red (along with other anime films) is breaking this barrier that animation isn’t popular at the movie theater.

During our time away, Weekly Shonen Jump announced that Hunter x Hunter will be on hiatus again due to Togashi’s health condition. However, the magazine also mentioned that starting from chapter 401, Hunter x Hunter will move from a weekly serialization format to something else in concern of the author’s health. So while fans wait for the next chapter, it’ll be interesting to see the format Weekly Shonen Jump decides to go as far as releasing the next chapter, and sounds like the entire Hunter x Hunter staff is ready to help complete the story in a way that’s comfortable for Togashi.

Rumors about which studio will adapt the newest season of One-Punch Man have been floating around. The biggest being that Studio Mappa would take the reigns, but the official Twitter account for One-Punch Man stepped in to quell that fire for now, at least. They tweeted that accurate information would be posted from them and advised fans not to be misled by others online. It’s always tough to wait for anime fans, so they tend to latch on to things as soon as they hear it, but it’s great that the official account stepped in quickly to dispel false rumors. 

At the end of every anime season, Anime News Network publishes a piece spotlighting the best and worst anime. And sadly for Toonami fans, an original made the cut for worst anime of the fall season for multiple columnists at the publication. Housing Complex C did not survive the reviews discussing the weird pacing and “lousy horror.” It’s a shame that Housing Complex C couldn’t resonate more amongst Toonami and anime fans. Still, at least Adult Swim took a chance and commissioned original content for their fans. If you are curious about the full review or tally of those who were displeased with the series, you can read more at Anime News Network.

You’re in luck for those curious about what our staff has been up to during the holidays! Three new podcast episodes have been released since the last This Week From Toonami, and all will be highlighted for you to listen to!

Kicking things off for fans to catch up on, Andrew “Sketch” Hingson hosts a discussion about the first six episodes of Made In Abyss’ second season. Joined by Varun “VLordGTZ” Gupta and Bryan “LaserKid” Johnson, the gang realizes the true horror of the abyss. Capitalism. Joking aside, the crew talks about how viewers can learn about the abyss’ past as we see a previous group of explorers descend and learn more about the anomaly in flashbacks that tie the knot on how great this season has been. And, of course, you can’t get through an episode of Made In Abyss without the gruesome moments that the series is known for showing. We hope you check this episode out when you have the chance!

On the special 420 episode of the Toonami Faithful Podcast (feel free to make a joke here), Sketch hosts again to discuss the year 2022 and Toonami. Joined by Laser Kid, Paul Pescrillo, Darrell Maddox, and our newest member Brittney Cooper the gang talks about what might be on the horizon for the block in 2023 and all the highs and lows from the past year, headlined by Crunchyroll not working with Toonami, until they did with My Hero Academia. And all of the changes and layoffs going on at Discovery that has had ripple effects impacting Toonami. Make sure you listen to this latest episode to recap the year and how our esteemed guests felt about it!

On the last episode for fans to catch up with, CJ Maffris takes over hosting duties and is joined by staff writer Umeko Long and former Director of Social Media Celia Rose to talk about the back half of My Hero Academia’s fifth season. The gang talks a lot of nuances with the season, comparing elements of the kind of redemption arc Endeavor is portrayed to be making, the uncomfortable family drama for Todoroki and Shigaraki, as well as the commentary about aspects of Japanese society that can be noticed with the work of the superhero story. It was a riveting conversation that our esteemed panelists couldn’t get enough of, and we hope you take some time to listen as well!

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