Toonami wasted no time informing fans what the lineup will look like this holiday season as they end the year with two marathons which many expected. However, there’s been a ton of fantastic news from the recent Jump Fiesta event in Japan involving a few series that have been on Toonami. Some might have caught many fans by surprise, and you’ll want to know more now that plans are in motion. Plus, Toonami Faithful finally released our latest convention report after attending Anime NYC! But that isn’t all you need to know, so check out the latest installment of This Week From Toonami!

To the surprise of no one, Toonami will end the year with two marathons on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. The two shows that Adult Swim picked might have been the shock factor that fans weren’t expecting to add a tiny bit of intrigue on days when people generally aren’t watching television as much. Primal will again get a marathon for Christmas Eve, but it will be a shortened two-hour one. But don’t fret Toonami fans; the block isn’t shrinking. Adult Swim will have a Yule Log special airing from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. on Christmas Eve, meaning Toonami will be much shorter for the day. On New Year’s Eve, Toonami will be back to three hours and air the entire first season of FLCL, getting everyone ready for the two new projects of FLCL that are set to arrive on the block in 2023. This announcement will likely happen soon, so we will keep our eyes on any new developments on the schedule when an opening is available!

Talk about something we did not expect to hear about this week. At Jump Fiesta (a massive convention that deals with Weekly Shonen Jump titles), it was announced that a new Blue Exorcist anime is in production! As shocking as this is, there still isn’t a date when fans can expect to watch more of the hit manga adapted in anime form, and we cannot wait to learn when it will be available. Sadly, it probably won’t be able to find a home on Toonami because the second season, Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, never aired on the block (as Hulu bought exclusive rights for it when it first premiered). However, things have changed, and maybe with this new season, there’s a chance that more Blue Exorcist can find its way to the block!

Get ready to explore more of the stone world in 2023, as fans of Dr. Stone now have a definite date when the third anime season will debut. At Jump Fiesta (noticing a trend in today’s article?), Dr. Stone: New World will premiere in April of 2023, which leaves many Toonami fans wondering how soon this series will rejoin the lineup. Unlike shows like Mob Psycho 100 or Blue Exorcist, the block has been able to stay up to date with Dr. Stone since both seasons were on the block. We are certainly excited about this update and love the latest promo released at the event, leaving many of us pumped about what Senku and friends will learn in this brave new stone world they set off to explore. 

Naruto fans, we have a question for you. Who is your favorite character? But don’t tell us because you’ll want to go out and vote in the “Narutop 99” poll that’s happening right now. The winner of this poll will get a short manga drawn by the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, which has to be considered the ultimate Naruto prize. The staff streamed a promotional video for the character poll event, which will run until Dec. 31, and fans can cast their vote once a day until it has concluded on this website

There were a couple of My Hero Academia news items that we wanted to report on, starting with the health of author Kōhei Horikoshi. The manga will be taking a week off (which is rare), so Horikoshi can take some time to recover. As it can be for authors of hit manga titles, we hope that Horikoshi takes all the time he needs to heal and be able to continue creating a property that has recently been buzzing more so than before with its latest season. But that isn’t the only reason why fans are talking about the franchise, as Netflix landed a deal to create a live-action film of My Hero Academia. It will be interesting to see how this one will look, considering how superhero-crazed the film world is (at least mainstream-wise). However, live-action and anime don’t mix well, and some are bummed about this latest announcement (especially after seeing Death Note and Cowboy Bebop). Let’s see how a superhero live-action anime production will look, and maybe it will turn out fine(?).

Mark your calendars Sword Art Online fans, as the second progressive film, Sword Art Online The Movie – Progressive: Scherzo of Deep Night, will screen in the U.S. (and Canada) on Feb. 3. It will be in English and Japanese, so either preference will be covered for the second Sword Art Online film to be experienced by fans all over. Considering how popular anime films have become, we hope that many will be able to attend a theater showing it so they can express their love for a franchise that has dominated the anime sphere since it debuted ten years ago. 

It’s been a while since there’s been a news update about SSSS.Gridman, which makes fans of giant robots a bit sad. But fear not, as it was finally announced by the official website of the Gridman Universe (we love this name) that both SSSS.Gridman and SSSS.Dynazenon will each get a compilation film before the debut of the Gridman Universe film that’s set to premiere on March 24. The two compilation films will get a two-week run starting on Jan. 20 (for SSSS.Gridman) and March 10 (for SSSS.Dynazenon). Toonami fans sadly haven’t had the pleasure of watching SSSS.Dynazenon yet, but hopefully, that will change down the line. It will be interesting to learn what more there is to know about the Gridman Universe, and we cannot wait to see the latest chapter in this epic story.

And if you’re a fan of stage plays, you’ll love this! Hunter X Hunter is inspiring a stage play set to premiere in May 2023 in Japan. The production will run at The Galaxy Theatre in Tokyo from May 12-28. And if you’re curious about who is involved, check out the article from Anime News Network that details what fans in Japan can expect from this latest stage play.

If there’s one thing anime fans enjoy doing, it’s going to conventions. But, if you aren’t able to attend, many media outlets will provide an in-depth analysis of everything that happened to give readers a mental picture of what it would have been like being there. Enter our staff writer Marion “microwaevy” Peña, who represented Toonami Faithful at Anime NYC. They detail an optimistic time at the convention and hope things will improve further when staff gets a better handle on the inevitable crowds. Marion will admit that the panel lottery system could use an upgrade. Still, they enjoyed many of the events they could visit especially seeing Hajime Isayama and all of the manga announcements. If you want a full report, check out Marion’s review here!

A new Demon Slayer Podcast episode was published this week as host Varun “VLordGTZ” Gupta is joined by Bryan “LaserKid” Johnson to talk about the major news about the Demon Slayer World Tour involving the upcoming Swordsmith Village Arc. Both are blown away that the series will have a world tour premiering the new anime arc and break down what fans will see if they decide to attend the event. The two can’t contain their excitement about what fans will view, which we covered in the last This Week From Toonami, so if you’re curious about the dates and when this is all happening, you should check out that piece when you can. It’s a short episode of the Demon Slayer Podcast, but we hope you give it a listen to hear the happy vibes from our two hosts about a very momentous occasion for the hit franchise.

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