No news can be good news, depending on how you look at things. While it would be fun to have more information to talk about when looking at Toonami, having a stable feeling as the year 2022 comes to a close feels rewarding and cozy. Plus, getting to see Toonami post a ton of the fan art sent their way and making it on air brings back that nostalgic community vibes the block has been known for since its inception. So while there wasn’t much for us to report on this week, we implore you to check out all the cool stuff we wanted to discuss in this latest installment of This Week From Toonami!

After Toonami called for artists to send in their work, some finally aired on the block! It was a cute video that was a callback to what they did during its Cartoon Network run. Seeing talented artists make the cut to be seen on TV was great. And yeah, we didn’t expect to see Luffy with some extra junk in the trunk, which caught everyone by surprise. We hope this will continue throughout the month and give everyone a chance to have their spotlight on the best place to watch action cartoons! We cannot wait to see more!

Fans of Demon Slayer should be excited as the first episode of the new season will be a 1-hour premiere which will happen across many movie theaters around the globe. The upcoming Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc will premiere in April, and screenings will play in theaters in over 80 countries and territories from Feb. 3 (according to Anime News Network). The screenings will include episodes 10 and 11 of the Entertainment District Arc and the first Swordsmith Village Arc episode. In the article linked, the screenings will begin in Japan Feb. 3 and wrap up in Taipei on March 19 (Los Angeles has a special premiere on Feb. 18, with other cities in the U.S. and Canada getting screenings starting March 3 both subbed and dubbed). It’s quite an exciting rollout for this latest anime arc. Considering what has happened with My Hero Academia and Toonami, they could revisit airing more Demon Slayer in the future (we hope). But if you can’t wait, now you know when to expect to see the newest installment of the hit anime series!

For all the insane Attack on Titan fans who repeatedly have stated that they’d love to live in the world of the franchise, you’ll now get your chance. This week Game developer UNIVRS Inc. announced that it is developing a virtual reality (VR) game based on the Attack on Titan franchise titled Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable. We are not joking; this is a thing (after all, there’s a link attached). Fans will find the game on the Meta Quest 2 VR headset in the summer of 2023, where fans will get their chance to see if they have what it takes to survive in Attack on Titan. The developers stated that this is a “hunting action game.” Players take on the role of a soldier from the Survey Corps and hunt down Titans by using the omnidirectional mobility gear to move. Meaning you can try to slay titans just like Levi. The game will support up to two players with English and Japanese language support. Gaming is getting wilder by the day and should be an exciting choice for anyone immersed in the VR gaming world.

Lupin the Third is back in the news once again, and thankfully, he won’t be stealing your McDonald’s orders in Japan, as promotion for the fast-food chain continues with everyone’s favorite gentlemen thief. However, he will be stealing your time and intrigue as the official website for Lupin III vs. Cat’s Eye released a new promotional video and key visual for an upcoming anime premiering on Amazon Prime on Jan. 27. The new project celebrates both the 50th anniversary of the Lupin the Third anime and the 40th anniversary of Tsukasa Hojo’s Cat’s Eye manga. The anime will be set in Cat’s Eye’s original 1980s, where the two sides seem to be after the same prize. For those who are huge fans of Lupin the Third, you’ll want to see this latest character Lupin takes on here!

We were today years old when we learned that Bleach isn’t just recognized for the hard-hitting action that Toonami fans love. But it is also iconic due to the poetry at the beginning of each volume of the manga. And now, all the poems will be compiled into one collection for fans to read! Creator Tite Kubo announced that this collection would get a wider release as Kubo initially saved it for those in his fan club. Pre-orders opened on Friday, and advance sales will be available at the Jump Festa event on Dec. 17-18.

Ever wanted to drop with a squad at U.A. high school? Well, that’s the question Fortnite feels like asking, as Epic Games announced that the hit battle royale game would be doing another collaboration, this time with My Hero Academia on Dec. 16. We haven’t heard much about which characters will be in the game and all the cosmetics that will be included. But we are excited to see which characters will be performing the emotes from the battle royale and await the memes that will fly everywhere on social media.

On the latest episode of the Toonami Faithful Podcast, Lupin steals our attention as our esteemed panel discusses the second half of the newest season that aired on Toonami. Host Andrew “Sketch” Hingson had a delightful time talking all things Lupin the Third with Varun “VLordGTZ” Gupta, Bryan “LaserKid” Johnson, and Happy Kuro Kitty on what they liked and what made this particular story arc in Lupin the Third Part VI “better or good” when listening to what everyone had to say. While similar issues in the second part still cropped up, it felt much stronger than the Sherlock Holmes storyline and showed some vulnerable moments of Lupin and the gang that aren’t seen as often by Toonami viewers. And to wrap up the episode, Sketch and LaserKid talk about their excitement for the sixth season of My Hero Academia, joining Toonami in what many didn’t think would happen due to how drastic the anime landscape has changed. It’s a fun-filled episode with many of our writers, and we hope you take some time to listen when you get the chance!

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