We want to extend a warm welcome back to our readers of This Week From Toonami. Due to responsibilities outside of Toonami Faithful. But we are back to full strength, ready to bring you all the news we feel is the most important for Toonami fans, and many had to have been surprised this week. The monopoly grip Sony has held with anime titles that fans are interested in seems to be weakening (a tad), and My Hero Academia’s latest season is on the block! So please sit back, relax, and catch up on our weekly article’s latest edition.

To what had to have been a shock to many, Toonami worked a deal to broadcast a Sony-owned anime in the sixth season of My Hero Academia. While the encore run and marathon run were indicators of the latest season, fans assumed that any title owned by the company would have been able to find a way to air on the block. However, according to Jason DeMarco, Crunchyroll might have changed its approach regarding where people can see anime they own. And that wasn’t the only nugget DeMarco mentioned where Toonami is still communicating with Sentai Filmworks and VIZ Media with more things planned for the block in the future. This is all to say that while things can look dire (or at least not the standard that fans like to see), Toonami is working hard even though the problematic climate in acquiring rights for broadcast anime can be. Many things behind the scenes are happening, and it’s better to take the words of those who work on the block over outside noises. Following accounts dedicated to reporting facts is critical, especially since that patience is looking to be rewarded soon!

During Toonami’s latest broadcast, fans were treated to two extras. One in the form of a short “we call it Toonami” promo, and the other a game review for Neon White. While this game has been out for a bit, it is a hard title to put down (according to T.O.M.). The game’s synopsis is that you play as a soul plucked my Hell to eliminate demons in heaven in a first-person shooter with tons of puzzle-solving elements added to give players a truly unique experience. It has a massive appeal to speed runners due to the gameplay and how playing cards represent weapons to allow your character to fight off enemies with different abilities. It’s a fun concept and looks aesthetically like something Toonami fans would love to try (be ready to go through a lot of dialogue, though). Toonami gives Neon White a score of 9 out of ten.

This week, something that caught our attention involving AMC, which is the company that owns both Sentai Filmworks and HIDIVE that has the potential to change something with the company. According to Anime News Network, AMC Networks’ CEO Christina Spade has stepped down after less than three months. The company also plans to let go about 20 percent of its workforce due to subscriber losses (cord-cutting) in preference to streaming outlets which their streaming platforms haven’t offset. So far, nothing drastic seems to have occurred over at Sentai Filmworks or HIDIVE. Plus, Toonami has talked with them about acquiring more titles to broadcast on the block. This news isn’t great to learn, and we will keep our eyes on it if it can stop Toonami from being able to air titles they own. 

Sword Art Online fans have a lot to look forward to as more commemorative items and events are happening to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the property. More on that, Kadokawa’s Dengeki G’s Magazine unveiled the cover of its Sword Art Online 10th Anniversary Book this week. Dec. 2 commemorates Kirito and Asuna’s first meeting in Aincrad’s first-floor labyrinth, which fans will love to see. Thankfully if you’re interested in what will be included, Anime News Network covers everything to expect.

The book will ship in Japan on Dec. 22 and will bundle a B2-size poster of the cover illustration. The contents include celebratory comments from the anime production staff, and every interview Dengeki G’s Magazine has conducted with author Reki Kawahara since the beginning of the anime. It will also include a new interview with Kirito and Asuna’s voice actors, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Haruka Tomatsu, and new comments from each of the anime’s directors.

This book sounds like a must-have for fans of Sword Art Online and has some intriguing stuff that will be fun to learn when reading.

We regret to inform our readers of the passing of voice actor Grant James on Nov. 23. We found out this week after his wife confirmed it on Facebook. He was 87. Fans will know his voice as Zeff from One Piece and Scar’s Master in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, both of which Toonami fans are well aware of hearing. We extend our deepfelt condolences to his family, friends, loved ones, and fans during this difficult time. 

On the latest episode of the Toonami Faithful Podcast, our esteemed group wanted to do a tribute episode for Kevin Conroy, who passed away last month. Hosted by Andrew “Sketch” Hingson, he is joined by Paul Pescrillo, Bryan “Laser Kid” Johnson, and returning guest Arthur Mesa. The gang wanted to offer their heartfelt experiences listening to the man they called Batman for so long. It’s a great love letter to a voice that has impacted many animation fans in the U.S. We recommend you give it a listen if you’re a fan of his, and we hope you can hear some beautiful stories involving Conroy and his lasting legacy.

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