Information regarding Toonami and Toonami-related series weren’t as plentiful as it has been this week. While we continue to track how One Piece Film Red is performing and learn of a huge U.S. appearance for a celebrity, there isn’t much to talk about when looking at the block. Housing Complex C is finished, meaning we can speculate on what will arrive to take the top spot on Adult Swim. But other than that, it’s more waiting as we get closer to 2023. So while this is a shorter article, we hope you continue reading our weekly This Week From Toonami piece to stay up to date on what’s happening all around the anime-sphere!

During the latest Toonami broadcast, the block debuted a new promo for fans to get that spooky feeling for Halloween. In the trailer, fans see clips from Housing Complex C, and The Promised Neverland as the two series will combine for a night to create the perfect setting for a beautiful holiday night. That means the regular schedule has been pushed back a week and will lead many to wonder what will be on the horizon with Housing Complex C finished. 

TMS Entertainment announced on Twitter an upcoming release for a new Lupin The 3rd series that will have a world premiere at Anime NYC called Lupin Zero. It’s a spinoff series that follows the youthful days of Lupin. TMS Entertainment would later mention that the series is slated to premiere on Dec. 16 this year, and fans will be able to catch the series on Sentai Filmworks’ streaming service HIDIVE. Quite the exciting development for everyone’s favorite gentlemen thief, and getting to see Lupin during his younger days should be a fun watch for fans! 

One Piece Film Red continues to dominate the Japanese box office as it has been the number film for 11 weeks straight since its debut. It still has yet to move from being the eleventh highest-grossing film in Japan and the sixth highest-grossing anime film of all time in the country, but it could change soon, considering that the movie hasn’t relinquished its top spot for nearly three months. However, to get fans in the U.S. excited, Crunchyroll published a dubbed clip of the film showcasing all of the Straw Hat pirates preparing for Uta’s big show! One Piece fever is still going strong, and fans are probably as pumped as Usopp and Chopper are for the film’s eventual premiere stateside.

This week Sony released a seven-minute video showcasing gameplay of the new One Piece video game One Piece Odyssey. In it, fans can check out how the game looks when you play and all the different mechanics and U.I. when diving into it. From the outside, the game itself looks fantastic, and we love the elements that were added, giving it that One Piece charm fans know all too well. The fights look similar to what you’d expect in a JRPG and compare to something like a Final Fantasy game. We cannot wait for it to be released and hope that many One Piece fans are just as excited for the new year when it will be released on Xbox Series X|S, Playstation consoles, and Steam in January 2023.

Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama will make his first U.S. appearance at Anime NYC this November. The man behind the iconic franchise will headline as one of the premiere guests for the convention this year. Hopefully, he will have a great time at the event, and Attack on Titan fans will get the rare chance to see Isayama. 

On the latest episode of the Toonami Faithful Podcast, host Andrew “Sketch” Hingson is joined by staff member Bryan “LaserKid” Johnson alongside returning guests AmpRen (AKA former staff member Alien Renegade) and host of the Zannen, Canada podcast Jesse Betteridge. The group discusses the third episode of Housing Complex C and the series as a whole as fans in the U.S. learn how the “rollout” in Canada has been since that’s where Betteridge resides. He mentions how there have been a lot of ads for the latest Toonami original, much like how Blade Runner: Black Lotus was pushed in the country. It’s a fun conversation learning how Housing Complex C is being advertised outside of the country and how more individuals who join us on podcasts feel about the series! Make sure you spare some time to listen to a fun-filled episode!

On a more personal note, co-founder of Toonami Faithful Jose Argumedo is now engaged! Everyone at Toonami Faithful wants to offer our heartfelt congratulations to him and his fiance! We cannot be happier for the two and hope everything goes perfectly for their wedding and beyond!

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