Toonami fans bid Lupin and the gang farewell in the final episode of Lupin The Third Part VI. Many are now curious about what the lineup will look like in November. And while there wasn’t much news involving Toonami this week, a fabulous auction will start soon with cool Dragon Ball collectibles available. And if you can’t tell, Toonami Faithful is all in on Housing Complex C with podcast episodes, interviews, and reviews. Find out all you need to know in the latest issue of This Week From Toonami.

During Toonami’s broadcast, fans could see a special look at the film Black Atom! It’s a terrific movie trailer to prepare fans for the premiere later this month, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It was excellent hearing how T.O.M and S.A.R.A felt about the property and trailer. We will never be upset seeing more synergy with Toonami and DC, so having a special trailer for the fans was a nice touch on the night!

Crunchyroll announced this week that everyone’s favorite meme team is back! Pop Team Epic’s second season is well underway (simulcast version), and now the English dub is ready! This Saturday, fans got to check out the first episode dubbed with the same joke of having the same episode play twice with female and male voices with the triumphant return of Bob Epic Team (with the same actors as well). The cast for the episode goes as follows:

  • Gwendolyn Lau as Popuko A
  • Lydia Mackay as Pipimi A
  • Bill Jenkins as Popuko B
  • Greg Dulcie as Pipimi B
  • Christopher R. Sabat as Popuko (Bob)
  • Ian Sinclair as Pipimi (Bob)
  • Rachel Thompson as Rabbit

It’s unlikely that Toonami fans will be able to see this on the block, but if you are subscribed to Crunchyroll, now’s your chance to get upset again and see what memes you’ll get from this new season!

After almost four years, Hunter x Hunter will return. Shueisha announced that the manga would return in the Oct. 24 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump! To prepare fans, VIZ Media will have previous chapters in their vault available and will be doing a simulpub of the latest chapter. Fans of the property were also shown what the latest volume cover of the manga would look like on Nov. 4, which a new one hasn’t been released in over four years. The long wait is nearly over, and we cannot express how thrilled we are to hear about these developments. But we hope that Yoshihiro Togashi takes care of himself as he continues to recover from the health issues that have plagued him for years.

Many fans have been excited about the new Trigun anime and were rewarded this weekend. TOHO and CG studio Orange revealed a second trailer for Trigun Stampede, which showed off more scenes, characters, cast members, and staff as its debut draws near. A new visual was also released alongside all the new reveals for the property. Fans also learned the cast of the new anime but realized one character was suspiciously missing from the list (Milly Thompson). She isn’t shown in the new visual, leading some to wonder if she’s been cut from the anime, which would be a massive disservice to fans of the original anime. Only time will tell, but it’s something to keep an eye on in the future. 

Toei Animation has to be pleased with how well its films have done at the box office. According to a report from Anime News Network, from January to September, the company earned close to $151 million making it the highest-earning year ever. A big part of that is One Piece Film Redwhich continues to hold the number one spot at the Japanese box office for its tenth week in a row, with a U.S. premiere on the horizon (especially after seeing a trailer air during Toonami). Toei Animation has to be pleased with the results, and we still have a few months left in the year for them to continue smashing records. 

We found something that caught our attention and thought other Dragon Ball fans might also like it. Heritage Auctions announced that it would hold its first-ever anime-specific showcase auction, focusing on the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z TV anime, from Oct. 20 to Nov. 17. In the Anime News Network article linked, the auction will feature over 200 lots, including trading cards, original printings of Weekly Shonen Jump, and production cels. Other notable stuff mentioned in that same article includes fantastic collector items like copies of the highest-graded VIZ Media Dragon Ball comic books in the CGC database, the Dragon Ball manga’s debut Weekly Shonen Jump issue, and a set of seven rare promotional trading cards from the Saiyan Saga of the Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game. Coming across this was exciting, and we wanted to share it with you all if you’re avid collectors of Dragon Ball merch. 

On the latest episode of the Toonami Faithful Podcast, CJ Maffris took up the mantle of hosting duties as he was joined by Paul Pescrillo and Bryan “LaserKid” Johnson to talk all things Housing Complex C (mainly episode two). With LaserKid on the previous episode to talk about the first episode, he could listen to how both Paul and CJ felt about the property. Both admit that this show isn’t their cup of tea, but CJ wants to see how the entire series plays out before giving it a final grade (especially since he is big on horror films). However, this leads to a hilarious conversation on what counts as an adjacent horror property. And throughout, the group continues to rib each other. It’s a short podcast episode but one that has gotten rave reviews, and we hope you find the time to listen when you have the chance!

Toonami Faithful had the honor of interviewing two of the star voices in Housing Complex C. Thanks to Adult Swim, Andrew “Sketch” Hingson and Happy Kuro Kitty chatted with Xanthe Huynh and Kayli Mills. The crew was able to learn if the two guests used any performances from previous horror entities in their performances for the series, and talk about how you have to pay close attention to a lot of the hints floating around within the series. It’s a wonderful conversation and one we hope fans will check out when they can!

This week, Toonami Squad writer Sam “szuniverse” Clutters wrote a guest article detailing how much the recent discourse surrounding the block has reached a boiling point. Many continue to lament about the lineup and scheduling choices, without knowing the full context of what’s going on at Adult Swim. Sure, Sam isn’t privy to key information either, but instead of raging against the block, he realizes that they are in a tough spot and applaud what Toonami has been accomplishing with their hands tied. And Sam goes on to mention that if you are that upset at how things are playing out at Toonami, then perhaps changing the channel might be better for your health as opposed to doom-talking to those who are fine with what Toonami has been doing. It’s a lengthy read, but one we think fans should check out to give themselves some time to pause at how they are handling the ever-changing television landscape.

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