Welcome to the latest edition of This Week From Toonami. We are all about Housing Complex C as it is about to premiere this Saturday! And due to it debuting soon, fans learned whose voice will be in it, which always causes a ton of fantastic fanfare. But it wasn’t all sunny, considering a voice actor announced that they won’t be reprising their role on Mob Psycho 100, causing many fans and some who work in dubbing to put some pressure on Crunchyroll and Sony in hopes of a better dubbing future. There’s a lot to get through, so hopefully, you’ll stick around to catch up on anything you might have missed!

On Monday, Adult Swim announced the English cast for their latest original series Housing Complex C. With the show ready to debut next Saturday, many fans were excited to learn that Xanthe Huynh, Kayli Mills, and Jake Eberle will be the three headlining an all-star dub cast. For those curious, the press release gave a synopsis for the series; Housing Complex C centers on Kimi (Huynh), who lives in a small housing complex in the sleepy seaside town of Kurosaki. But trouble seems to follow Kimi wherever she goes, and soon, horrific incidents begin to occur…is an ancient evil stalking the residents of Housing Complex C? We cannot wait to see what Toonami will have in store for us with this new mini-series, especially with it airing in October!

So with the addition of Housing Complex C (saying goodbye to Primal), Toonami also announced what the lineup would look like with the newest addition. Pretty much the same as what it has been with the double-up of Made in Abyss staying put. But as it stands, no reruns of Primal will be airing now that its second season finished its Toonami run.

However, to commemorate the successful second season for Primal, fans who were watching Toonami got to see a new promotional video for the acclaimed series. It highlights all the action from the new season, putting a nice bow on the show that made a home on the block. It is quickly becoming a huge favorite among fans, and many were pumped seeing the Toonami-style promo that we’ve come to know so well.

It’s almost time for the return of the king. To get fans pumped for Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War’s anime adaptation, The Aniplex Online Fest 2022 posted a new trailer over the weekend. With four cours planned and some breaks in between, everything is looking incredible for this famous series to hit the fall season running. And since things have been quiet on the English dub side of things, maybe there’s a chance it could find its way to premiere on Toonami? We are sending our energy to make that happen, but only time will tell, especially since fans at New York Comic-Con will get a sneak peek of Bleach before anyone else! So let’s hope that an announcement for that will occur at the event!

Are you curious how One Piece Film Red has been performing in its seventh week since its premiere in Japan? Well, it continues to hold the number one spot at the box office; it has passed Weathering With You as the seventh highest-grossing anime film of all time, and has earned over $103 million in 46 days (on Tuesday). To celebrate, Eiichiro Oda drew a visual featuring Uta in a wanted poster with the film’s earnings instead of an actual bounty amount which is a great touch to showcase how well the movie has performed. Nothing seems to be able to stop One Piece Film Red from continuing its dominance in Japan, and we are curious to see how much its U.S. release will do with its sales numbers. We will keep you updated if this movie can reach the milestones that Demon Slayer: Mugen Train was able to hit.

If you’re interested in anime and gaming, this recent collaboration is definitely for you. HyperX announced a limited collection of gaming accessories inspired by Naruto Uzumaki and Itachi Uchiha colors on sale on HyperX’s online store this week. Items include a mechanical keyboard, headset, mouse, and mouse pad in black-orange or black-red designs that look very sleek. If you are a fan of Naruto Shippuden, this might be the swag you’re looking for to upgrade your gaming set-up to show off your fandom of the property. And as of now, you can still get most of the items at their store if you’re interested!

The Hunter x Hunter manga will return on Nov. 4 in Japan. Something fans haven’t heard in over four years! It’s with great excitement that more of Yoshihiro Togashi’s work will be available for everyone. Togashi has been on hiatus for the past four years due to his health issues which he’s recently talked about in recent months. Not being able to sit and adequately do things that take many of us seconds has been a sobering tale to listen to as Togashi continues to take it easy. We couldn’t be happier that Hunter x Hunter will return (in manga form) once again and hope that Togashi can recover from everything that ails him.

In what has grown in awareness the past week, Crunchyroll and Sony are at a crossroads in the anime industry with fans. This week Kyle McCarley posted a YouTube video about how he will not be reprising his role as Mob for the third and final season of Mob Psycho 100. He informed everyone how he would not participate due to Crunchyroll and Sony not having a good faith meeting with SAG-AFTRA to work out a union contract for English dub actors potentially. McCarley clearly stated in the video that nothing had to be finalized or have a brand new contract ready for the start of this new season, but he just wanted the two sides to meet to see what both sides would want if an agreement was made. Crunchyroll and Sony’s answer? Nothing and they have announced that they will be opening auditions for Mob in the third season, and according to Kotakuthat won’t be the only role recast. It’s brought to light some of the uglier sides of Crunchyroll’s business and dubbing practices with their staff members and actors, leading many fans to be more vocal about their disapproval. Some have even begun canceling their subscriptions till the company shapes up. It’s a very greedy move on Sony and Crunchyroll’s end, especially since they were against having a simple meeting. It is tough to swallow, considering how profitable we keep hearing anime has been. 

Something that caught our attention was a nice tribute video by Jangobadass to showcase their love for Toonami over the years. Using the song “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, you can see many iterations of the iconic cartoon block with many excellent series highlighted in a fantastic little AMV to say thanks to Toonami. We wanted to share and hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did, reliving many beautiful moments that have been a part of the block for the past 25 years!

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